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Pen Pals

Do you have pen pals ? Well, I used to have a few when I was young. I had my first pen pal when I was 11, I didn't exactly remember how we got to know each other and had each other's addresses but I think she was a friend's friend or a friend's acquaintance or something like that. She lived not very from my hometown and I still remember we shared the same interest- Stamp Collecting ! We regularly wrote to each other and did some stamps exchanging. I enjoyed being her pen friend and we kept writing for a quite some time but I wasn't sure what went wrong....I think it was me....that made us stop.

My second pen pal was a Swedish girl named Monica Pahlsson (actually adasatutitikatashuruf 'a' tu) . I got her address from a service called International Youth Services. At that time it was kinda a trend to have pen pals from foreign countries especially from The States and Europe, even my elder sisters had a few of themselves too. I was so excited to have a foreig…

where to start?

Yer..itulah situasi aku sekarang. Dalam kepala ni macam2 idea ada, tapi tak tahu mana satu nak start. Tak pela..kita melalut2 la dulu.

Aina dah tumbuh gigi...2 kat atas and dua kat bawah. Takut aku nak breastfeed dia...takut kena gigit. Kalau dia makan bubur skang ni pon dia suke gigit2 sudu tu. Alahai...anak mak. Hari Selasa baru2 ni pegi klinik for her regular check up, berat Aina skang 7.3kg. Jadi laa....yang penting normal, jangan under weight atau pun over weight. Berat2 sangat nanti mak tak larat nak dukung.

Skang ni dah tengah bulan Rejab..tak lama lagi Syaaban..pastu Ramadhan. Hari Selasa tu... lepas pegi klinik kami pegi makan roti canai, pastu ada sorang ni dia bila dia nampak aku terus dia tanya...tahun ni tak berniaga ker? Aduhai......aku pon dok fikir2 jugak,nak berniaga ke tak bulan puasa nanti. Aku suker bukak gerai tiap2 kali bulan puasa....tahun ni tengok la...kalau ada pembantu....leh gak bukak gerai ayam percik lagi,hehehe.

Check this out!

I was trying out this....hehehe. Got nothing to do.

Art Museum by

Adios Amigos..!

Wah...kita cakap Spanish plak, amacam? hehehe...

Anyway....Jumaat lepas aku pegi jumper a friend of mine ni, dia dah dapat pindah ke Semenanjung selepas dah 7,8 tahun kot dok di Keningau ni. My fren ni dia ngajar sama skolah ngan my Ayang. Masa kami pegi tu sumer barang2 dah siap packing and orang yg tukang pindah2 barang ni dah pon dah ready nak wat masuk sumer barang2 tu dalam kontena. Banyak la jugak barang2 dia. My fren Zirazan ni dulu satu skolah ngan aku - Ma'ahad Muhammadi Perempuan (MMP), tp masa di MMP tu dulu aku tak kenal sangat dia sebab dia dok kelas pandai...aku lak dok kelas hujung2......hehehe, tp Zirazan ni memang baik orang nyer. Zirazan ngan suami dia dapat pindah mengajar di Marang ,Terengganu...dapat skolah Henry Gurney. Hohohoho.....sekolah untuk pesalah2 juvenil tu. Untuk Zirazan dan suami...selamat mengajar di tempat baru...semoga tak dilupa pada kami di sini yer..!

Aku bila plak nak mintak pindah? Hmm.....setakat ni tak terfikir lagi nak pindah balik Seme…

A memory.....

FAM rakam takziah kepada keluarga bekas pengadil FIFAPERSATUAN Bola Sepak Malaysia (FAM) hari ini mengucapkan takziah kepada keluarga bekas pengadil Persekutuan Bola Sepak Antarabangsa (FIFA) dari Kelantan, Wan Rasyid Wan Jaafar yang meninggal dunia semalam.Ucapan takziah itu turut dimuatkan menerusi kenyataan ringkas di laman web rasmi badan induk bola sepak kebangsaan itu.Wan Rasyid yang menjadi pengadil FIFA dari tahun 1986 hingga 1989 menghembuskan nafas terakhirnya di Kota Bharu, tengah hari semalam.Bekas graduan Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (kini Universiti Putra Malaysia atau UPM) itu pernah berkhidmat sebagai guru di Sungai Pinang, Kelantan dan memilih bersara awal atas sebab-sebab kesihatan.Wan Rasyid, 61, meninggalkan seorang balu dan enam anak.“Dengan ini DYMM Presiden FAM, Sultan Ahmad Shah, pemegang jawatan dan anggota sekretariat serta seluruh keluarga bola sepak Malaysia mengucapkan takziah kepada keluarga Allahyarham,” menurut kenyataan FAM.
Di petik dari BeritaBola.Cy…

Extreme Stupidity

I never write , mention or comment anything about politics in this country in my blog, because it makes me sick. But as I watched last night debate I could see how a minister whom I believed is highly educated can be so damn extremely stupid. He was out of topic most of the time...he wasn't answering any of the questions being asked and he definitely needed some tissue. You were wasting your time Mr. Minister and you have successfully amazed the world with your super duper stupidity. What were they thinking? May be they thought we are stupid too.

Backdated Tag

Adoi...actually malas betul nak wat mender tag2 nih, tp memandangkan aku pon cam tak berapa nak ada idea utk update kita layan jelah this tag thing ni yer...I've been tagged by a fren of mine whom I never met in real life...Iena Hamdi. We chat almost everyday and she sometimes call me usually when she has troubles in trying new recipes...hehehe.....we have yet to meet each other soon.....InsyaAllah....someday...kita akan jumper yer Iena....! So, here it goes....

Nama-nama timangan anda:
*my frens call me....Janna, Zana, Kak Zana, Kak Janna
*my family call me...Janna...Kak Ja...Che' Ja..
* my kids call me Mak...
* my Ayang call me.....Ayang jugak......hehehe....

Anda seorang yang:
*err..bad tempered gak.....funny la kot.....friendly...err lagi.....cantik la kot....hahaha.

Insan Teristimewa ?? Describe kan Dia Terlalu Istimewa Dimata Anda:
*My husband la....he is so special because he's not only my husband..but also my lover...wah
* my family are special people to …

My new neighbour

I have a new neighbour whom just moved in errr......I wasn't sure exactly when. The thing is I still don't know how he looks like. All I know that he drives a black MyVi and he lives alone. He went out early in the morning and he'll only be back home late in the evening and because he lives all by himself so I think it's kinda inappropriate for me just to greet him and start a conversation even just a brief one.

My Ayang told me that he is an Ustaz...a Kelantanese and his wife is currently teaching at Lahad Datu. To be honest if I ever met him somewhere out side..I surely couldn't recognize him.

Happy 3rd Anniversary of Blogging !

Yeay! It's been 3 years since the first time I posted my first entry and started blogging ! 3 years ago I didn't even know what a blog is until I came across one and since I used to love to I thought, I should have my own blog too and I created one...and you're reading it right now. This is the first blog I've ever created and the best part's still active ! Hehehe...

Blogging has been fun to me...I can pour almost anything in it....well, almost but not everything. There are times when I had so much ideas ans stories that I couldn't wait to update and there are times too when I was so out of idea and inspirations! But....thank god this blog is still breathing. At first I was kinda confused and uncertain on how should I write. Should I write in English or Malay...or both.....but then I thought....what the heck? It's my personal blog and I'll write any way I like it...any style I wish.....and this is it.

The header of this blog is the …

A Farewelll....

Today...July 8, 2008 marked another memorable event in my family's beloved uncle, Ayah Sid has peacefully departed at 12.30 noon at his residence surrounded by his wife and 7 children.

Ayah Sid had been half paralyzed for almost 8 years after he had a stroke back in 2001. Since then he spent most of his time in his house in Kota Bharu. The last time I saw him was last December when I went to visit him with my husband and our 4 kids. He was so skinny and couldn't talk much. We barely could understand his bubbly words and he had to support his back if he wished to sit.

Ayah Sid during his healthy and active life was a very funny man. In fact, even when he was already being struck by stroke he still made jokes.. He was a teacher, like my Abah and also was an international football referee ...(well, Abah was a referee too except he was only a national football referee). He had been travelling all over the world because of football.

Ayah Sid'll always remain …

A Special Visit

Last Friday I received a special visit from a special person. It was from PokZawi, a blogger like me only that he's very popular among bloggers. He came to Keningauwith his son in-law Lokman and his cute chubby 10months young granddaughter, Balkis to fetch his daughter -Azini, at InstitutPerguruanKeningau, whom I met online too. Hehehe.....When I first got to know Azini from my favourite forum I didn't know that PokZawi is her father until I was browsing every entry at PokZawi's blog and found out about Azini's daughter, Balqis whom PokZawi mentioned in his blog a lot ! Owh...what a small world. When I heard from Azini that her father is coming to Keningau from Labuan, I instantly invited them to my house. And they did.

Though the visit was short but it was no doubt sweet and memorable. Thank you for coming to Azini, Lokman..PokZawi and little Balqis. You are most welcomed to my home again, anytime you wish and I'm really sorry that my husband wouldn't be able…