My new neighbour

I have a new neighbour whom just moved in errr......I wasn't sure exactly when. The thing is I still don't know how he looks like. All I know that he drives a black MyVi and he lives alone. He went out early in the morning and he'll only be back home late in the evening and because he lives all by himself so I think it's kinda inappropriate for me just to greet him and start a conversation even just a brief one.

My Ayang told me that he is an Ustaz...a Kelantanese and his wife is currently teaching at Lahad Datu. To be honest if I ever met him somewhere out side..I surely couldn't recognize him.


mommy lyna said…

dam gewam lamo thoooou!
ami said…
sila la berkenalan dgn jiran baru anda itu...nnti di kata sombong plop..wakaka..
anyway, just wanna let u know,
i've moved to blogspot,
feel free to visit,

and..bleh la nk tukar link kt tepi tue..ekekke..

sbb die laki, hang pompuan... mmg tak manis. tunggu die `approach' hang lu Janna. and make sure... `control'.. he..he..
alom: hohoho.....gewam? ambo ado soghe jah gewam....ambo buke boyo...ekekeke

amie: takpola di kata sombon pom...asal jgn di kata gediks and tok tahu malu....mak dara pon pemalu maa..

nur: yup..mmg sgt tidak manis..lain la kalu wifedia ada..lain citer la...I nie peramah laa..tak sombong pong...hehehe

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