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At last!

At last! That was the first word that came out of my mouth as the homepage of e-blog appears on my computer screen. What a relief. The truth is, I have been having this trouble of acssessing websites through my PC. I didn't know what was the problem and I didn't know what to do! I tried to click here and there but nothing happened. I couldn't open my email, I couldn't do a thing!
But at last, came my hero, a friend of mine. He was my lifesaver, indeed. He asked me to download this software to create a new browser because he believed that the problem was with my browser. And when I got my new browser...popped! There was my e-blogger...I was very happy and couldn't thank my buddy enough!.Well, that's what friends are for, right? Thanks mate! (As the Aussies said)

A piece of memory with my Mok

This is a story about my beloved grandmother that I'd like to share.
It has been 5 months since my beloved grandmother been gone yet the memories still remain fresh and unforgettable. I just can't imagine, when I go back to my hometown, I'm not going to see her again. It's kinda odd. My grandmother passed away last 22nd February after being ill for a quite sometime. I wasn't sure of her exact age but I thought that she was around 90 something. Though she was quite old but her memory was unbeliveable (I'll tell you why, keep reading).
When I first got the news (about my grandmother's death) from my eldest sister- Kakak, I didn't cry. I didn't feel anything. But then as I hang up the phone, I went into my house and I started to have this images of my grandmother in my mind, image by image like a slide show. I went straight to my husband and then I remembered telling him,"Ayang, Mok is gone...."I just burst into tears and hugged my husband, har…

Nasi Belauk

Alahai...dah lama dah tak makan nasi belauk. Inilah kalau dah jadi orang Kelantan tu,orang Kelantan jugak.Mana pergi pun kalau boleh nak makan makanan kampung halaman. Tapi itulah, sejak tinggal jauh di perantauan ni, memang payah nak merasa masakan kampung. Kalau sudah tak tahan juga,kenalah masak sendiri. Namun, bila difikir-fikir balik bagus juga macam ni. Yelah, saya ni dulu kalau bab masak memasak ni memang jahil walaupun emak pandai masak. Tapi sekarang ni dah boleh dah masak sikit-sikit, berkat tinggal jauh dari tempat asal. Kalau tidak rasanya, sampai bila pun tak pandai, sebab asal terasa nak makan aje, order je kat kedai.
Inilah, esok rasanya macam nak buat Nasi Belauk sebagai hidangan di waktu pagi. Iya! Untuk sarapan! Tak percaya ke? Orang Kelantan memang suka makan berat-berat untuk sarapan seperti Nasi Belauk (sama ada lauk ayam, daging ataupun ikan), Nasi Dagang dan Nasi Kerabu. Kebiasaannya pada waktu pagi kebanyakan orang cuma bersarapan ala kadar sahaja seperti makan …

Getting started

Hi,this is my first time using my blog and since I love to write I found it very intersting. I can express my feelings, my thoughts,my opinion and anything that I wish to share with others. This is a suitable way for me to expand my knowledge and interests.