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Balik Kammpung ( Part 1 )

We left Keningau on the 29th of November and it was Kak Aton (and family) who sent us to the airport. Along the journey to KK I was holding myself not to vomit but Sophea and Laila couldn't. They vomitted twice and as usual I always had the plastic bag ready.....for the kids and for me, of course. In the flight the Yasmin was behaving well...and Aina too...she slept all the way.

Our first stop was my hubby's kampung in Pulau Indah but since I was still in I didn't go anywhere. Betapa tak best nyer balik kampung kalau tak dapat jalan2 especially the shopping part ....aargggghh! - One of the things that I had always looking forward everytime balik kampung. Memang best bab2 ukur shopping complex ni ! My Ayang pong tader ke mana2 sangat since tader transport.....huhuhu.....kesian juga dengan anak2 tak dapat bawak diaorang jalan2. Pusing2 kat pulau time yer kids...?

Ayah bawak jalan2 kat jeti pulau....mak pon tak sampai lagi, huhuhu...


I ain't no saint........

I ain't no saint

nor that I'm blind or deaf

I can see, hear and feel things around me....

yet I choose not to...

I guess, I finally succeed to make myself numb.

I'm back!

Yes.....! I definitely is back. It's really nice to see my PC feels really good to feel the keyboard again....muah3x....hehehe......I have so many stories to tell and so many things to do as well. After leaving the house for almost a month we find dust everywhere. Owhh.....not so comforting. Just finished mopping the floor and rearranged my bedroom furniture. Penat nyerr....!

My trip to kampung was a blast ! So many things happened....starting with my journey back to Kelantan which was not so easy....banjir, my sis engagement.... Hari Raya.....but I'll update my stories later and of course with piccas attached. The kids were the ones who enjoyed the most, including Yasmin! Sweet little Aina was too young to understand. As long as she was full and her sleep was not interrupted she's happy.