I'm back!

Yes.....! I definitely is back. It's really nice to see my PC again....it feels really good to feel the keyboard again....muah3x....hehehe......I have so many stories to tell and so many things to do as well. After leaving the house for almost a month we find dust everywhere. Owhh.....not so comforting. Just finished mopping the floor and rearranged my bedroom furniture. Penat nyerr....!

My trip to kampung was a blast ! So many things happened....starting with my journey back to Kelantan which was not so easy....banjir, my sis engagement.... Hari Raya.....but I'll update my stories later and of course with piccas attached. The kids were the ones who enjoyed the most, including Yasmin! Sweet little Aina was too young to understand. As long as she was full and her sleep was not interrupted she's happy.


nonie said…
welkam back kak janna!!!! wah can't wait to read all the stories mories.. sure happening habis heheh
Abdul said…
its me abg..

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