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My Look-alike Meter

Found out about this thing from Nonie's blog and it seems interesting, so I decided to give it a try....and after one photo to another I got carried away...hahaha....I even wanted to try it on me and my parents! Hehehe....credits to Nonie for this interesting site!
Nasib baik anak ada 3 jer....(for the time being..) hehehe...

Senario di Bulan Puasa....hehehe

saje je nih....sker tgk gambar anak2 nie....

Angah : Emmmmm...sedapnyer air stroberi nie....
Yasmin : Angah..angah baik kan..? nak sikit air angah...boleh yer?..yer?
Sophea : Huhuhuhuuuu...lambatnyer nak bukak puasa...kakak dah haus ni mak..!

Angah dah pandai naik basikal tayar dua dah....Yasmin pon sibuk nak bonceng..."duk..duk...", sambil angkat kaki dia nak duduk kat belakang Angah. the way...Yasmin dah bulih cakap sikit2...duduk= duk, buka= tak (nak tutup pun dia kata "tak" jugak,hehehe..), naik=nek (nak turun pun dia kata nek jugak) makan= tan, minum= num, sakit = atit, nak = nak and ada la beberapa perkataan lagi...sumer dia sebut hujung2 jerr.....tapi Ayam mmg sebijik dia sebut..ayam! Hehehe....

I've been tagged....again.

I thought this tag thing has stopped you can hasn't. So,I 've been tagged again by a good friend of mine - Riko, so here are my answers.

5 things in my bag

- Yasmin's diapers
- face tissue
-my purse
-some "jajan" for the kids
- my clinic card

5 things in my purse

- some money.....hehehe
-bank card
-pics of my loved ones
-my I.D

5 favourite things in my bedroom

- it has to be my bed
-my fan....of course
-my fan remote.....hahaha
-tu jela kot....?

5 things I wish to do...

- I'd like to travel all around the world...
-I'd like to undergo a plastic surgery....hehehe
- a vacation....that's what I really wish to have
- I'd like to open my own silat class....hmm..?
- nak balik rayaaaaaaaa.....huwaaaaaaa!

5 things I'm doing now

- still awake at 2 o'clock in the morning and doing this tag thing
- resting my feet...aaaaaaaa......
- sracthing here and there....hihihi
- just finished mopping the floor
- minum milo

5 people that I'd like to tag are...

- …


I have been very2 busy since the first day of Ramadhan that I couldn't spend even a minute in front of the PC. Ramadhan has always been my busiest month of the year for the past 4 years. Why? It's because during Ramadhan I'll sell some kuehs and ayam percik at Pasar Ramadhan....well, kind of Pasar Ramadhan. But this year I'll only open my stalls during weekends and public holidays only, while on weekdays I'll sell the kuehs at a friend's stall, since my Ayang schooling session only ends by 5 o'clock. Though it's very tiring preparing all the meals and the kuehs as early as after Sahur, but I've always enjoyed it even if by the end of the day, after iftar both me and my Ayang would collapsed.Hehehe.....however this year it seems that my other friends who always open their stalls during Ramadhan too is not around. Some I know why and some I don't.

How is Sophea doing ? Well, on the first day of Ramadhan she broke her fast at 5 o'clock, only an…

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

I'd like to wish all muslims in every part of the world happy fasting.....may this Ramadhan brings us more barakah. I've always enjoyed Ramadhan, the fasting month. I really hope one day I'll be able to perform my umrah in Mecca during Ramadhan, insyaAllah.

This Ramadhan too, I'm training Sophea to fast for the first time. I think she's ready and so does she because she has been telling me that she wants to fast. We'll see about it tomorow how she'll be doing. I have given her and Laila a basic briefing on fasting.....what,when and how. So far so good....hehehe...tengok la it goes...good luck girls!

I am a whale.........

I am a whale. Whale is the biggest mammals in the whole wide world. It gives birth and breastfeed their cubs, just like other mammals. Why the heck am I talking whales? I don't know ......but right now....I feel like I'm a whale........


ni sebenar nyer nak try fungsi baru dalam blogger nih......okeh!


I definitely have no idea.....I kept looking around searching and hoping for some inspiration from things around me but...still, blank...nothing interesting popped in my mind.

Well, may be this photo will help me. This is a photo of Laila's lunch. Hehehe....I wasn't sure exactly when, but it was definitely during lunch time. As usual I would call the girls from the kitchen to take their own plate and be ready for lunch.....and suddenly Laila had a special request "Mak, Angah nak makan nasi dengan kicap, dengan ikan dan biskut...." what? biskut? Pelik2 lah Laila ni....I thought. "Mana orang makan dengan biskut Angah....tak sedap laa...."I replied. But she insisted to have the rice with the biscuit . Have it your way my's your tounge, it's your's your stomach...

"Haa...kan Angah dah kata...sedap!"

Pelik sungguh anok aku soghe nih...