I have been very2 busy since the first day of Ramadhan that I couldn't spend even a minute in front of the PC. Ramadhan has always been my busiest month of the year for the past 4 years. Why? It's because during Ramadhan I'll sell some kuehs and ayam percik at Pasar Ramadhan....well, kind of Pasar Ramadhan. But this year I'll only open my stalls during weekends and public holidays only, while on weekdays I'll sell the kuehs at a friend's stall, since my Ayang schooling session only ends by 5 o'clock. Though it's very tiring preparing all the meals and the kuehs as early as after Sahur, but I've always enjoyed it even if by the end of the day, after iftar both me and my Ayang would collapsed.Hehehe.....however this year it seems that my other friends who always open their stalls during Ramadhan too is not around. Some I know why and some I don't.

How is Sophea doing ? Well, on the first day of Ramadhan she broke her fast at 5 o'clock, only an hour and 15 minutes before Maghrib. Huhuhuhu.....frust mak! Back from her kindie she looked tired but still fasting so I told her to take a quick bath to freshen up. And she did but after her bath and still having the towel wrapping her body she went straight to the fridge and drink a glass of Soya Bean milk........huhhuu...."kakak haus la mak...."that was her response to me. Alahai......tak per la....besides she's only 6 and this her first time fasting so breaking the fast at 5 o'clock was quite an achievement.

Today, after 3 times of "termakan incident" she managed to hold it until the Azan Maghrib . Okla tue......lagipon kakak bukan sengaja nak makan kan? hehehe.....


sofea^alisa said…
sedapnyer ayam percik..one of my favourite tu...
imalha said…
pos ayam percik ko Ambo so..
Adelaide tkdop aye percik wehh..

sitilina said…
olos... kak ja sedaknyo aye percik.. marem beli sini..kuoh xberapo kick :(

kirem sale ko budok huk xposo tu :P

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