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Click! Click! Aina......

Hehehe....some pics of Aina. My sweet little Aina sangat la baik and tak banyak karenah. Most of her photos taken when she's ni ada photo Aina tengah nangis, hehehe.....



yer....hari ni kita akan belajar pasal jajan. What is jajan ? mengikut pemahaman saya "jajan" ialah makanan ringan atau pun dalam bahasa omputeh nyer ialah junk food.

Suami saya suker sangat beli dan makan jajan. Antara jajan2 kegemaran dia ialah :

1) coklat -aper jua jenis coklat, yang murah aper lagi yang mahal sumer dia bedal.
2) cikedis -hahaha......aper ha nama yg proper skit?tp jenis mcm Twisties...cheezels.....double decker.....dan segala adik beradik nyer dia mmg suker. Owh...yang paling dia suker ialah Super Rings.
3) sotong kering - kenapa la aku rasa cam nak gelak bila taip dan sebut sotong kering? tp mmg dia sker makan sotong kering nih...nak2 yg di gelek nipis dan di salut gula or lada tue.......owh..amatlah di gemarinyer....tambah2 lagi aroma sotong itu yg kuat dan seolah2 memanggil2.

Itu lah antara senarai jajan yg suami saya suker makan. Memandangkan suami saya suker sgt makan jajan2 tersebut dan sentiasa memastikan stok sentiasa ada di rumah..maka anak2 pong tur…

Happy Birthday Zaki !

I'd like to wish my handsome, adorable, humble, incredibly exceptional tall nephew (pergh! kembang seh!)....Ahmed Zaki Rashid a very Happy 27th, plak 24....14th birthday. May Allah bless you . Semoga berjaya in every good things you do.....jadilah anak yg soleh...dengar cakap mama n orang tua la plak Che' Ja nih. Hihihi...

yup...he is ONLY 14 years old

Sophea with her Abang Zaki lepas cabut gigi dengan Che' Jie

I need a break..!

Yup, I definitely need a break.

Sometimes I'm just tired and I feel like quitting, but I can't. Can I ?
I hate when I'm easily get mad.....I don't look pretty when I'm mad...hehehe
It's just not healthy.....emotionally, physically and mentally.
I just need a hand.....*sigh*


This morning I received a call.
Actually I hate getting calls during weekdays because most of the calls are wrong numbers. Really !

caller : hello, saya dari SMK Keningau II, boleh sambungkan ke bahagian akaun ? "
me : sori cik salah nombor...
caller : oh...ini bukan *PPG kah ?
me : bukan...ini rumah.
caller : owh..sori2......

(*PPG stands for Pejabar Pelajaran Gabungan)

but this morning it was a special call...from Kak Pb, a blogger like me.
What a small world...she used to live nearby my late granny's house.
I used to go to her granny's too..
she knows my cousins....I know hers....
She even like to spend watching movies at my granny's
we might even had pl…

More Photos... :)

My Sister's-Jie, engagement 21 December 2007.

Nin and Che Jie

My nephew- Wafi, my lil' sis- Adek n me.

Abah and Jie (aiseh..tengok mana plak tue...? )

3 generations (from left: Siti, Kak Ngoh, Ma, Me,Yasmin, Ami, Jie and Aniq)

backdated photos

Aidil Adha , 20 December 2007.

Banjir 2007 yang sangat la lama.....sampai naik boring..hehehe

what a day

My name is Janna and I'm a mother of four aged 7,6,2 and 2 months....and owh not forget to mention...all girls. Every morning I start my day like a buzzing busy bee doing non-stop chores...with various types of "commercials" between every chores. I took the frozen fish/chickenout from the freezer before I take my bath, I bathed and dressed my two younger girls , prepared simple express breakfast -bread and milo normally for the elder girl, 6 oz formula milk for Yasmin and a mug of milo or nescafe for me. Grabbed my laundry and dry them outside under the bright sunshine. Luckily someone invented the fully automatic washing machine which made my life and most of other people's life much2 easier. Just toss all the dirty laundry into the machine before you go to bed , press the magic button ON and the next morning everything is done...tinggal sidai jer. If only there are machines that can fold your laundry automatically I'd like to have one too. Paling malas nak l…

Finally..! :D

I have been planning and doing a lot of research...(research? hahaha) and homework on cheese cakes. I surfed for various types of cheesecake recipes and hoping to find the most easiest, simplest and least complicated but delicious recipe possible. I read all the comments from forums, the do's and the don't's when making cheesecakes, all the crucial and important tips.......after all of those thing..I finally had the courage to make my own cheesecake. Hehehe.....So there I was..whipping the cream cheese (manually, noted) at 12 o'clock in the morning......! This morning, being impatient to know how my cheesecake turned out I head straight for the cheesecake in the fridge and had it for my breakfast! was so damn yummmmmmy ! Credits to recipe owner and also to myself...hehehe. So..this is my SIMPLY SINFUL CHEESECAKE...

Where are you Sharlinie...?

Alahai....ada budak hilang lagi...Sharlinie namanyer, omo 5 tahun...

kalau ada saper2 yg ternampak ker.....terlihat ker.....cepat2 la telipon jangan la plak wat maklumat palsu....

kesian budak nie......hilang masa main dekat area rumah dia ......kakak dia yg omo 8 tahun nampak adik dia kena tarik oleh seorang pompuan masuk dalam keta.....sedih nyer.....

marilah kita Rakyat Malaysia dan umat Islam di seluruh dunia sama2 berdoa semoga adik Sharlinie ni akan selamat di temui.......

"Ya Allah...! Selamatkan lah Adik Sharlinie......kembalikanlah dia kepada keluarganya dalam keadaan selamat sejahtera...Amin. "

Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah

I'd like to wish all of my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters "Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru Hijrah 1429",

May the new year brings more barakah to all of us.....insyaAllah.

Sophea's first day at school!

My eldest dah pon masuk darjah 1 ! Alahai...cepat nyer anak mak besar.....on her first day to school it was Ayah who sent her. If only I could go by myself it would've been me ....tapi nak wat cemaner. Keadaan tak mengizinkan. Kakak was doing just fine on her first day......tu pon berdozen2 taklimat aku bagi , hehehe.......siap pesan dekat my other half suh snap a few pictures of Sophea. Tak boleh...mesti amik gambar, at least by the time Sophea is all grown up she'll still remember how she looked when she first entered her Primary....if she happens to read this blog.

Untuk Kakak....belajar rajin2 yer.....mak doakan semoga kakak akan berjaya sokmo.....mak sayang kakak sangat2....kakak dah besar rupenyer......

Balik Kampung ( Part III )

Finally we safely arrived in Kota Bharu. We could see the water was almost every where through the plane's window. Watch out everybody...! Kota Bharu is sinking.....! Hehehe.....We spent our first night at Kak Lah's since she was the one who was able to fetch us at the airport. Ma and Abah couldn't go anywhere.....the house was surrounded with water. The next day Kakak and family arrived from Singapore. Kak Lah also had to fetch them. After preparing ourselves with suitable suits for the banjir, off we head for Ma's house. We left all of our bags at Kak Lah's since it's almost impossible to get to Ma's house with all the big luggages.

Kak Lah and Abe Miji parked their cars at Wakaf Mek Zainab ,the closest and safest spot that they could get. From there we had to many people! Old, young.... boys, girls....Some were on their way out to the town...some were on their way in, like us....some with childrens and small kids , like us too but I…

Balik Kampung ( Part II )

We were still in Pulau Indah when I heard the news that the flood had come. Instantly I knew that my folks' house back in Kota Bharu was flooded too and when I told the kids, they were so excited and so anxious to be in the water to swim around....splash! Splash! My Ayang had already bought train tickets to Kota Bharu for all of us , of course we took the couch with beds for extra comfort....which was very critical for a 14 hours journey ! Arrgghh....! It's been a while since the last time we were on a train. To make things uncertain, a few days before our scheduled train there were landslides somewhere in Pahang and trains from Kuala Lumpur were stranded half way to Tumpat. Adoilaa......cemaner dengan our train.....boleh jalan ke tak ? We were crossing our fingers and praying hard, hoping for the good news. So the next day off we went to KL Sentral from Port Klang Komuter Station. Travelling with three little active kids and a 24 days young baby was not an easy task. We nee…