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Those Were The Days....

I miss blogging. I love blogging.  In fact, I still do.

I used to blog almost every week. Sometimes every other day. This is the place where I document my daily routine , special events and memories, my ups and downs moments , photos. I already have this blog for 11years! You can check out my first entry

Yup!11 years. You read it right. I used to change its template and layout annually. Now not anymore. I've kept this template for 4,5 years, I suppose? ?

But for the past 3,4 years I tend to update my blog very seldom. Though I have a lot of stories and ideas but I never push myself to update any. This does not happen to only me, but also to my other blogger  friends.  They too have slowed down. And some even had put it to a stop. * sigh. But I still want to keep it. I love it when my kids would read all my previous entries which most are about them. Hehe.

Those were the days.