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Cupcakes craze !

The baking mood is still there...especially cupcakes! These are the cakes I baked yesterday. Aren't they lovely ? Sweet to your eyes....even sweeter to your mouth. But I still have a lot to learn when it comes to decorating the cuppies. I don't attend any classes and I learn it all from the internet and I've improved my self. Not equipped with proper tools and instruments is not an excuse for me to expand my interest. In fact, it makes me to be more creative. Before I had my oven, I tried cake recipes that only required me to steam and I still prefer steamed chocolate cakes ! Before, I never knew what is whipped cream..what is piping jelly...what is creamwell and all the baking stuffs. Really ! And now all the stuffs are important ingredients that you can surely find in my kitchen.I never thought I would say this.....I enjoy cooking..baking...being in the kitchen and trying new recipes. And I'm proud of myself, hehehe.

Happy Birthday to MASA.....hehehe

I'm sorry for the delay to inform that we have just got another new member of the family. Though both parents have just being in our family for less than two years but they have been a wonderful company to all of us..especially for my Abah. I'd like to welcome the latest member of our family who was born on 22nd of January 2008 - Masa, son of Saat and Ketika. Saat is indeed a very proud father since he had the chance to witness the birth of his first offspring from the very beginning to the end. Ketika is reported to be in an excellent condition and so does the "baby boy". He (the baby) managed to make his first step just minutes after being delivered which is a good sign. This is the photo of Masa in attempt to make his first step.

Masa bin Saat

Ketika is encouraging her son to make his first step.

"Come on can do it....."


Here I am at half past one in the morning...trying hard to jot down something out of my mind....out of my heart.

I used to love writing and I even thought of becoming a writer or a journalist. I wrote things that I love and hate, things that touched my heart, things that I enjoyed and don't and lots more. But despite of the different all came from one source, straight from my heart.

I also had always loved singing. I event took part in several singing competition, seriously ! But I didn't win. I guess it's in my blood since my father was a good singer (he even had a commercial name- Ahmad Jaafar, hehehe ), well I think he's still is but now he only "sings" the words from the Holy Quran. My Kakak can sing well too...and so does my sister Ahlami.....owh....she loves to sing which everybody knows, just like me. If she didn't sing she would hum. Even my brother Welloh enjoys singing....he sings for dikir I love dikir barat. And n…

My Beloved Family

My Beloved Ma and Abah

Wan Muhammad & Wan Hasnah's Family (December 2007)

My Ayang is gone...

Yup, that's right. He's gone to Terengganu for a meeting until this Friday or probably Saturday. Due to a small mistakes , my Ayang only got the message this morning while his flight was at 11.45 a.m..the same morning ! There was no way that he could catch that flight so they ( the people who are in charged) had to reschedule my Ayang's flight to3.45 in the afternoon. Exactly at 12 noon he rushed to KK by a taxi. Tinggal laa aku 4 beranak......huhuhuuu... photo is finally here, at last! I family photo that we took on Eidul- Adha last December.Thanks a lot Che' Jie, Yasmin really appreciate it, hehehe. Punya la lama tunggu Che Jie post....owh...memang cantik la gambar tue.....muka aku yg ada parut2 jerawat sumer jadik licin, ha! ha! ha! Bagus...bagus. I'm gonna frame and hang it at special corner in my house.

owh ....malas nyer!

Hahaha...what a title. The truth is...I feel like updating something but I don't have the mood to do so.

Gini lah...on Monday aku try wat Chapati for the first time. Rasa macam jadik kot...ingatkan anak2 tak makan sebab memang the kids tak pernah makan pon, so I decided to uli sikit jela..takut tak laku chapati gue....but lain pulak jadi nya.....laku la plak Chapati ku itu.....suker la plak anak2 makan cicah ngan kari ayam. So for lunch yesterday they had chapati for lunch. Sekejap jer licin pinggan. Ni yang buat aku semangat nak wat lagik. Kenyang rupenya makan chapati ni yer? :)

anak2 sedang menikmati Chapati (yg boy tu anak member, tumpang gi skolah sama2 ngan Sophea)

And I also baked some cupcakes with buttercream frosting. Thanks to my friend Riko for the recipe ! The kids love 'em so much ! Siap wat bekal gi skolah lagi.

my cuppies

As for today......I'm out of idea and spirit to cook anything. Aduhai.....nak suh my Ayang tapau kan KFC, malas la plak.....malas nak cakap. …

yo ! cheesecakes lovers !

I have a confession to make....I LOVE CHEESECAKES ! and since now I know how to make good, delicious, creamy and yummy cheesecakes I want to make 'em everyday! Owh.....gumuks la sayer kalau makan cheesecake hari2. But really.....I can finish the whole 9'' cheesecake all by myself and that's not good.....not good for my health. To those who have been thinking of trying a cheesecake recipe I highly recommend you to try this recipe. The ingredients are simple and easy to find and it's easy to make too. You can serve it with blueberry , topped 'em with whipped cream,drizzle with chocolate or just have it as it is ! Any way you like's delicious. I think once you've tried this recipe, you'll never need to visit Secret Recipe anymore...oops! Hehehe...(this message is specially dedicated to my lil' sis- Jie, who loves spending her dime at Secret Recipe)

sepotong jer ? mana cukup beb!

Happy Belated Birthday to Wafi!

First and foremost I'd like to apologize to my handsome and honest nephew.. Wafi a.k.a Angah for this belated birthday wish.....Sowiiii yer think I forgot? Nope...I never forget la....

So...Happy belated 12th birhtday to Ahmed Wafi Rashid which was celebrated on the 7th February......may Allah bless you always and good luck for your upcoming UPSR.....jadilah anak yang soleh....okay!

I guess....

I guess...I'm not fun to be with,

I guess.....I'm a bored person,

I guess.....I am nobody,

I guess.....I am not special...far from being important,

I guess....I think too much,

I guess......that's all.


Happy Chinese New Year everyone.....


I've been thinking of updating this blog for days....even when I was lying down while breastfeeding Aina I kept thinking of the words and stories to jot down. So here it goes....

I don't know why....but I love spending my time at the bakery supplier shop (and the kids too). I enjoy being there...much2 enjoyable if I could grab and buy a thing or two......well, of course baking and cooking stuffs. The kids love being there because they can buy jajan..... *shaking head. I buy my cheeses baking utensils.....and next I'm hoping to buy my basic decorating tools.....(dah aim dah satu set ni ...nampak kat Pasar Rakyat, hehehe)

And I think cooking and baking is like a therapy to me......trying new recipes and applying new techniques. And this is my latest project....

Okay ker? this is my second attempt "playing" with whipped cream. The first time I tried the cake looked like as if someone had smashed their face on it. Despite of not having the right tools I stil…