yo ! cheesecakes lovers !

I have a confession to make....I LOVE CHEESECAKES ! and since now I know how to make good, delicious, creamy and yummy cheesecakes I want to make 'em everyday! Owh.....gumuks la sayer kalau makan cheesecake hari2. But really.....I can finish the whole 9'' cheesecake all by myself and that's not good.....not good for my health. To those who have been thinking of trying a cheesecake recipe I highly recommend you to try this recipe. The ingredients are simple and easy to find and it's easy to make too. You can serve it with blueberry , topped 'em with whipped cream,drizzle with chocolate or just have it as it is ! Any way you like it....it's delicious. I think once you've tried this recipe, you'll never need to visit Secret Recipe anymore...oops! Hehehe...(this message is specially dedicated to my lil' sis- Jie, who loves spending her dime at Secret Recipe)

sepotong jer ? mana cukup beb!


ramizah said…
just eat the cheese and delete the cake please..
Anonymous said…
kak zana, mana recipe nyeee... ?
lenny said…
Hmmm... ada gak hasil org dok umah nie. Tak mcm saya, minat aje ada tapi... mcmX2 alasan!! Yg sbnr-nya malas!heh..heh..

Biler leh rase kek yg Janna buat nie...?? Deliiiiciousss...(sebut cam `Dora the explorer'nye kartun tur...)
adrina adi said…
yummy... tapi mmg tak leh tinggal la secret recipe nyer cheesecake. mcm addicted gitu. ehehe.. tapi ingat nak try juga ur resepi.

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