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The husband is back,the holiday is over....

Every beginning will definitely come to an end and yes, the husband is finally home last yesterday and the school holiday is over too.
The kids were so happy to see their dad again and were so excited to explore the boxes, hehehe. Sophea was delighted to get a birthday present from her Mbah...there were tudungs....some kuihs...books and stationaries for the kids.....even Yasmin got her own tudung too and what did my Ayang brought back for me? Hehehe....ada laa...let it be my secret.

Since we didn't got chance to go anywhere interesting for the whole school holiday so we spent the whole Sunday eating out and going out. It's a relief to be out of the house for a while...away from the kitchen, hihihi. Though the kids never complained but I'm sure that the were delighted get some fresh air.

Owh.....I also had received my Kek Lapis Sarawak that I ordered online. Thank you Alin....we enjoyed the cake very much and my Ayang has approved for a couple more for Hari Raya....h…


I received this award from Melati Putih...huhuhuhu...terharu sungguh ! Tengkiu saya ingin panjang kan award ni kepada :

-Ahlami and Ise & Siti (adik2 sayer....)
-Adrina (sepupu sayer)
-Ayang (somi sayer...)

hehehe......tima kasih.

Owh school holiday.....

Owh..sungguh tak besh cuti skolah kali nie, dah la tak dapat nak berjalan ke mana2, kanak2 ribena tu pulak bermaharajalela kat umah nie....adoi..siap tag team lagi melawan aku...kalah eden....tambah2 lagi....with no husband around. Jadi "ibu tinggal" la aku....hahaha. My husband is away to Klang for a silat tournament dan memandangkan tournament tu di buat dekat his hometown so he grabs the chance untuk balik rumah mak dia jap.......and he'll only be back in Keningau on Saturday. Huhuhuhu...lambat nyer.

Last 18/8 was Sophea's 7th birthday. She had requested for a Power Puff Girls cake so....PPG it was. Owh punyer la lenguh tangan nak melukis atas kek...nak mewarna lagi...dia plak request suh lukis tiga2 (ekor?) orang PPG tu la..anak punyer pasal buat la jugak. We just celebrated the day among us only. Sophea had made a list of things that she would like to have as birthday present but we decided to buy one item of the things in the l…

Say cheese..!

Aina Rihana Mokhsin

Nampak tak gigi saya?

4 budak yang dah kuar dari perut nie....


Owh baru jer tadi, aku suh budak2 ni masuk tido..
pastu Yasmin wat la main2, takmo masuk tido....aku pon dengan muka siyes suh dia masuk bilik.

Mak Yasmin: Nin, masuk bilik cepat, pegi tido(sambil cekak pinggang)
Yasmin: tak nak...
Mak YAsmin : Nin nak tido ngan mak tak? (masih bercekak pinggang)
Yasmin: tak nak...hehehehee....(sambil sengih2)
Mak Yasmin: oo...nin tak nak tido ngan mak yer..Nin nak tido mana , nin nak tido kat luar?(siyes ni la konon)
Yasmin : nak tido hotel....ikikikik...(sambil gelaks)
Mak YAsmin: bertuah punyer anak..(dalam hati)

Well, was my birthday

I baked and decorated my own birthday cake

Yup, it was my 32nd birthday last August,9. Alahai...dah makin tua dah aku..anak pon dah 4, hehehe. Mana ada tua sangat ...masih boleh beranak lagi kan. Anyway, masa on my birthday tu my Ayang pegi KK, nak servis keta so he wasn't home lah. Kebetulan ada a friend of mine mintak tolong buatkan kek untuk birthday party anaknyer, so aku pon wat la kek sebijik untuk aku. Petang tu lepas Asar terus gerak ke rumah my fren tu utk majlis tu la. Pastu aku pon bisik la kat my fren -Sah, ...actually..hari ni birthday aku...waaa...terus dia wat announcement kat sumer ...adoi..! Malu gue.....hihihi. Sah buat laksa penang hari tu...oowh..sedapnyer laksa penang..tak puas aku makan.Siap tapau lagik,hihihi.

nila hadiah nyer....:)

Aku ingat my Ayang dah luper dah my sebenarnyer dia tak luper pong..dia ingat....sajer jer tak wish kat aku awal2 katanya. So lepas dah balik dari rumah Sah tu, dia pon bagila present kat aku......hehehe...A body Shop…

The Trash Man

Okay...since my fren Zatul told me to write about anything...and it could be anything, so I guess to talk about a group of people that is quite important to be in our daily lives, The Trash Men.

Yup..the trash men, what would we be without them?

When I first came here in Keningau, we had to pay for door- to- door trash service in our housing estates and if we chose not to, we had to do the trash ourselves, I mean we had to find the nearest trash bin and toss all of our trashes in there. But's much convenient since we don't have to trouble ourselves by driving for a few kilometers only to throw the trash, the authority has provided us with the door -to door- trash service and the only thing that we have to worry about is the tax, hehehe.

The trash truck come to my housing estates twice a week, which is on Tuesday and Friday. Though I thought it would be much efficient if they come trice a week, but I guess......twice pon twice lah..! So today I was watching the trash m…


Well, here I front of the PC trying to jot something down but nothing came to my mind. What's happening to me? I guess lately nothing interesting happened.

Owh..tomorrow the XXIXth Olympic in Beijing will officially start. Good Luck to all the Malaysian your best!