The husband is back,the holiday is over....

Every beginning will definitely come to an end and yes, the husband is finally home last yesterday and the school holiday is over too.
The kids were so happy to see their dad again and were so excited to explore the boxes, hehehe. Sophea was delighted to get a birthday present from her Mbah...there were tudungs....some kuihs...books and stationaries for the kids.....even Yasmin got her own tudung too and what did my Ayang brought back for me? Hehehe....ada laa...let it be my secret.

Since we didn't got chance to go anywhere interesting for the whole school holiday so we spent the whole Sunday eating out and going out. It's a relief to be out of the house for a while...away from the kitchen, hihihi. Though the kids never complained but I'm sure that the were delighted get some fresh air.

Owh.....I also had received my Kek Lapis Sarawak that I ordered online. Thank you Alin....we enjoyed the cake very much and my Ayang has approved for a couple more for Hari Raya....hehehe. If you're thinking of getting some for yourselves...please do it now ! The booking for Hari Raya will be closed on the 1st of Ramadhan which is just a few days away!

I'd like to wish all of you and my fellow muslim brothers and sisters all around the world,

"Selamat Berpuasa" and "Happy Fasting"

Ramadhan only comes once a year and it is defintely a very special month that we've all been waiting for.


Wahh... ada gift secret from Hubby yea? yg penting, die ingat kita kan Janna?

sedap sungguh tgk kek lapis tuh! bak sini sket...
lupa daa... Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak utk Janna sefamily.
wanee said…
kak ja... cantik nyer kuih lapis.. mcm nak frame and hang kat dinding.. hehehee kirim la satu sini ;D
nur: tu lah...yg penting dia ingat,kek lapis tu memang sedap!

wanee: memang cantik dan sedap laa...order la sebijik,kalu nak rasa mai la Keningau,hehehe.

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