My Ayang is gone...

Yup, that's right. He's gone to Terengganu for a meeting until this Friday or probably Saturday. Due to a small mistakes , my Ayang only got the message this morning while his flight was at 11.45 a.m..the same morning ! There was no way that he could catch that flight so they ( the people who are in charged) had to reschedule my Ayang's flight to3.45 in the afternoon. Exactly at 12 noon he rushed to KK by a taxi. Tinggal laa aku 4 beranak......huhuhuuu... photo is finally here, at last! I family photo that we took on Eidul- Adha last December.Thanks a lot Che' Jie, Yasmin really appreciate it, hehehe. Punya la lama tunggu Che Jie post....owh...memang cantik la gambar tue.....muka aku yg ada parut2 jerawat sumer jadik licin, ha! ha! ha! Bagus...bagus. I'm gonna frame and hang it at special corner in my house.


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