Cupcakes craze !

The baking mood is still there...especially cupcakes! These are the cakes I baked yesterday. Aren't they lovely ? Sweet to your eyes....even sweeter to your mouth. But I still have a lot to learn when it comes to decorating the cuppies. I don't attend any classes and I learn it all from the internet and I've improved my self. Not equipped with proper tools and instruments is not an excuse for me to expand my interest. In fact, it makes me to be more creative. Before I had my oven, I tried cake recipes that only required me to steam and I still prefer steamed chocolate cakes ! Before, I never knew what is whipped cream..what is piping jelly...what is creamwell and all the baking stuffs. Really ! And now all the stuffs are important ingredients that you can surely find in my kitchen.I never thought I would say this.....I enjoy cooking..baking...being in the kitchen and trying new recipes. And I'm proud of myself, hehehe.


Anonymous said…
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lenny said…
`practice make perfect'...
Nur tgk cantik ajer, mcm kat fp lain jer! mesti all anak dara u pulun habiss ler! ishh, ini kalu Janna pi kelas... terus bulih bukak bussines!

Mak cik kayooo..
imalha said…
bleh lawan nigella niee..

nur: yup,betul tu practice makes perfect...skang ni mmg tgh mabuk wat cupcakes la nie....2 hari lepas pon baru buat cupcakes lagi...hehehe

amie: lawan nigella? owh..nigella pon kaloh la...hahahaha..riaknyer..riaknyer...

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