I've been thinking of updating this blog for days....even when I was lying down while breastfeeding Aina I kept thinking of the words and stories to jot down. So here it goes....

I don't know why....but I love spending my time at the bakery supplier shop (and the kids too). I enjoy being there...much2 enjoyable if I could grab and buy a thing or two......well, of course baking and cooking stuffs. The kids love being there because they can buy jajan..... *shaking head. I buy my cheeses baking utensils.....and next I'm hoping to buy my basic decorating tools.....(dah aim dah satu set ni ...nampak kat Pasar Rakyat, hehehe)

And I think cooking and baking is like a therapy to me......trying new recipes and applying new techniques. And this is my latest project....

Okay ker? this is my second attempt "playing" with whipped cream. The first time I tried the cake looked like as if someone had smashed their face on it. Despite of not having the right tools I still managed to decorate the cake. Boleh la least ada improvement.

(Last night while I was busy decorating my cake, I saw my Ayang dok belek2 buku redemption Maybank punye kredit kad he thinking of getting me a cake mixer? ntah2 dia dok usha jam peberet dia ker aper ker....aku jer yg pasan,hehehe....kalau bulih dapat as birthday present okay gak.....tak dapat Kenwood or Kitchen Aid stand mixer....hand mixer brand Philips pon dah syukur yang amat! )


sofea^alisa said…
walllah weh...sedapnyer yr cake nie. Pandailah nko dok mendeco deco cake tempting sesangat.
pB said…
Salam Janna

kreatif doh kalu staro nie, tau.

kelik klate, buleh bukok keda kek ni..
imalha said…
supo secret recipe doh tue kakja..
agagaga....sedak nyooo!!
i pon dpt kek secret recipe sbijik hari tu..siap hntr kt umh lg.....ehem3..special tueee..


p/s:lame xbkk blog kakja..intrnet lmbt etep..

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