Balik Kampung ( Part II )

We were still in Pulau Indah when I heard the news that the flood had come. Instantly I knew that my folks' house back in Kota Bharu was flooded too and when I told the kids, they were so excited and so anxious to be in the water to swim around....splash! Splash! My Ayang had already bought train tickets to Kota Bharu for all of us , of course we took the couch with beds for extra comfort....which was very critical for a 14 hours journey ! Arrgghh....! It's been a while since the last time we were on a train. To make things uncertain, a few days before our scheduled train there were landslides somewhere in Pahang and trains from Kuala Lumpur were stranded half way to Tumpat. Adoilaa......cemaner dengan our train.....boleh jalan ke tak ? We were crossing our fingers and praying hard, hoping for the good news. So the next day off we went to KL Sentral from Port Klang Komuter Station. Travelling with three little active kids and a 24 days young baby was not an easy task. We need to be alert ALL THE TIME. Not to mention all the luggages that we have to carry........aduhai....! Can you imagine ? Tapi tu la...nak wat cemaner.

waiting for the komuter

On the way to KL Sentral my sister Kak NGoh SMSed me that she would like to drop by to say Hi2...and Bye2 (usually, an overnight at her house is a must for us, but due to my condition and transportation problems we weren't able to pay her a visit) . We arrived at KL Sentral around 7.30pm and I decided to buy McDonald's for the kids so that they could enjoy the meal on the train later...there too I met my Kak Ngoh and her bodyguards - her sons. It was wonderful to see some familiar faces . We hugged (smooch2x)....we chat...(chatted?)....we laughed...(hahaha) and when we realized it was already 8 o'clock we decided to head for the platform...we didn't want to be late! I did hear some announcement being made but it wasn't smooth and clear.....all I heard was.....blablablablaaaa........hehehe.....and I could see lots of people gathering by the escalator...I thought it was a normal scenery. And among of all the people there was a man in a uniform.....from the train company.....and guess what? Our train has been CANCELLED due to the landslides incident a day before. Huhuhuhuuuu.....cemaner nie....?Oh my.....what could we do.....I had my kids with baby......and we definitely did not want to go back. They did give us a few options :

Option 1 : Take a bus from KL Sentral (which they will provide) to Kuala Lipis ,Pahang and from there a 4-couch (only) train will be waiting for us. However, there was no guarantee that every passengers will get a seat on the train.

Option 2 : Go to the ticket counter and change the departure date. No added fees will be charged but, possibilities of the train being cancelled is high -Not recommended.

Option 3 : Go to the ticket counter, return your ticket and ask for full refund . Whether you want to buy plane or bus ticket or tak payah balik kampung langsung and dok KL was up to you...hehehe - This option was most recommended !

After doing a lot of thinking...we finally reached our unanimous decision to go for Option 3 despite of the big beautiful Abe Ngoh said la...We immediately bought the next day's earliest flight ticket (my Ayang laa.....) at Malaysia Airlines ticket counter ( thank god the counter was just a walk away) , and we stayed at Kak Ngoh's for the night. alhamdulillah....mujur jugak kak ngoh datang.......hehehe tengkiu kak ngoh....tengkiu soooooo much!

The next morning Kak Ngoh dropped us as KL Sentral , we checked-in, hopped on the ERL and in 28 minutes we arrived in KLIA with no big luggages to our hands, just the kids and handbag.....hehehe.....all of our luggages were already on their way into the plane's belly.....hehehe...very convinient huh...?

in the ERL - KLIA Express

Our deepest and endless thank yous and appreciation to Kak Ngoh, Abe Ngoh and family...tima kasih banyok2 ...kalu kak ngoh takdop hari tu, tok tahu laa.....semoga Allah memberkati dan memurahkan rezeki Kak Ngoh sekeluarga...and also sorry for all the troubles we caused...insyaAllah kita akan jumper lagi......

(balik kali ni, kering laki aku.......adu laa...takper la, nak wat cemaner....)


Abdul said…
if it wasnt for me,u cudnt balik kampong!
azliena_hamdi said…
wah... kalau iena dah melalak dah kat situ...iena buleh bayangkan dgn luggage lagi.. anak2 lagi.. oooo tensen tu....

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