Finally..! :D

I have been planning and doing a lot of research...(research? hahaha) and homework on cheese cakes. I surfed for various types of cheesecake recipes and hoping to find the most easiest, simplest and least complicated but delicious recipe possible. I read all the comments from forums, the do's and the don't's when making cheesecakes, all the crucial and important tips.......after all of those thing..I finally had the courage to make my own cheesecake. Hehehe.....So there I was..whipping the cream cheese (manually, noted) at 12 o'clock in the morning......! This morning, being impatient to know how my cheesecake turned out I head straight for the cheesecake in the fridge and had it for my breakfast! was so damn yummmmmmy ! Credits to recipe owner and also to myself...hehehe. So..this is my SIMPLY SINFUL CHEESECAKE...


sofea^alisa said…
fuyooo...sedapnyer. Aku pun..dari sehari ke sehari nak bake a cheese haram...asyik dok buat choc. moist cake ajer..hi..hi..hi..
nurul : wat ler...wat lerr....aku pon kemain...dah lamaaa dah dok plan nak baru ler jadik...hehehe, nila resepi yg kira senang and tak byk sgt bahan2...try laa..! aku bagi semangat kat ko...

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