I need a break..!

Yup, I definitely need a break.

Sometimes I'm just tired and I feel like quitting, but I can't. Can I ?
I hate when I'm easily get mad.....I don't look pretty when I'm mad...hehehe
It's just not healthy.....emotionally, physically and mentally.
I just need a hand.....*sigh*


This morning I received a call.
Actually I hate getting calls during weekdays because most of the calls are wrong numbers. Really !

caller : hello, saya dari SMK Keningau II, boleh sambungkan ke bahagian akaun ? "
me : sori cik salah nombor...
caller : oh...ini bukan *PPG kah ?
me : bukan...ini rumah.
caller : owh..sori2......

(*PPG stands for Pejabar Pelajaran Gabungan)

but this morning it was a special call...from Kak Pb, a blogger like me.
What a small world...she used to live nearby my late granny's house.
I used to go to her granny's too..
she knows my cousins....I know hers....
She even like to spend watching movies at my granny's
we might even had played together....aduhai.....
thanks to those who invented the internet !

to Kak Pb...thanks for calling. Kita kena jumper nih....nanti leh la datang Keningau deh....and baru la sayer tahu and pehe bakpo "Pulut Bakar" .....hehehe..patut laa.....


ramizah69 said…
sapa kak PB tu?
kak Pb ni dia duk dekat rumoh Mok mulo...tok dio hok buat pulut bakar tu kak ngoh...

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