I've been tagged....again.

I thought this tag thing has stopped but...as you can see..it hasn't. So,I 've been tagged again by a good friend of mine - Riko, so here are my answers.

5 things in my bag

- Yasmin's diapers
- face tissue
-my purse
-some "jajan" for the kids
- my clinic card

5 things in my purse

- some money.....hehehe
-bank card
-pics of my loved ones
-my I.D

5 favourite things in my bedroom

- it has to be my bed
-my fan....of course
-my fan remote.....hahaha
-tu jela kot....?

5 things I wish to do...

- I'd like to travel all around the world...
-I'd like to undergo a plastic surgery....hehehe
- a vacation....that's what I really wish to have
- I'd like to open my own silat class....hmm..?
- nak balik rayaaaaaaaa.....huwaaaaaaa!

5 things I'm doing now

- still awake at 2 o'clock in the morning and doing this tag thing
- resting my feet...aaaaaaaa......
- sracthing here and there....hihihi
- just finished mopping the floor
- minum milo

5 people that I'd like to tag are...

- my sis Siti (so you have a reason to update your blog)
- iena hamdi
- my sis ahlami
- fisha
- norf


Anonymous said…
ni tagging2 ni macam nak skodeng ape yang ade kat sekeliling kita la ek ? eheh....

anyway, akak tak balik kg ke tahun ni?
imalha said…

dh...dh update blog dah..


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