Happy 3rd Anniversary of Blogging !

Yeay! It's been 3 years since the first time I posted my first entry and started blogging ! 3 years ago I didn't even know what a blog is until I came across one and since I used to love to write....so I thought, I should have my own blog too and I created one...and you're reading it right now. This is the first blog I've ever created and the best part is...it's still active ! Hehehe...

Blogging has been fun to me...I can pour almost anything in it....well, almost but not everything. There are times when I had so much ideas ans stories that I couldn't wait to update and there are times too when I was so out of idea and inspirations! But....thank god this blog is still breathing. At first I was kinda confused and uncertain on how should I write. Should I write in English or Malay...or both.....but then I thought....what the heck? It's my personal blog and I'll write any way I like it...any style I wish.....and this is it.

The header of this blog is the original header I created 3 years ago and I'm not planning of changing it. I just can't possibly think of any suitable header. What about the layout? Well, as long as I can remember I only had the layout changed 4 times only . Now I'm thinking of changing the layout annually......as a way to celebrate its anniversary. Hehehe.....

And through this blog too I had made so many new friends.....and of course I'd like to meet them one day. Really.

Keep blogging everyone!


Happy anniversary. Hope my blog too can survive.
Hepi 3rd annibersary...I'm enjoy reading yr writing.
farah aminuddin said…
congratz.. 3 years quite a long time..
AdziAdi said…
wahh.. 3 tahun beb..! kalau wat buku dah boleh publish 10 buah buku dah kot kan :-) tahniah2... yeah kak ja, keep blogging.. i'm a fan!
tengkiu guys.....let's hope that we'll keep bloggin for the sake of us and others!

and zizi...10 books is too much laa..lagi pon byk crap jer dalam blog I nie.....

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