A Special Visit

Last Friday I received a special visit from a special person. It was from Pok Zawi, a blogger like me only that he's very popular among bloggers. He came to Keningau with his son in-law Lokman and his cute chubby 10months young granddaughter, Balkis to fetch his daughter -Azini, at Institut Perguruan Keningau, whom I met online too. Hehehe.....When I first got to know Azini from my favourite forum I didn't know that Pok Zawi is her father until I was browsing every entry at Pok Zawi's blog and found out about Azini's daughter, Balqis whom Pok Zawi mentioned in his blog a lot ! Owh...what a small world. When I heard from Azini that her father is coming to Keningau from Labuan, I instantly invited them to my house. And they did.

Though the visit was short but it was no doubt sweet and memorable. Thank you for coming to Azini, Lokman..Pok Zawi and little Balqis. You are most welcomed to my home again, anytime you wish and I'm really sorry that my husband wouldn't be able to meet you guys...maafla jugak sebab serba kekurangan....tak sempat nak jamu dengan apa....dapat minum air bandung and buah salak jer.....and sayang nyer tak sempat nak bergambar....huhuhu....to Azie and Lokman, InsyaAllah if we're planning of going to the Federal Territory, we'll drop by to your house.


adrina adi said…
ala, takde gambo ker? pernah jugak jengok blog pok zawi tu.
Zawi said…
Sorry for the late arrival. I was too busy doing my post and after that the travel back to home in Pasir Mas. I will be sending the pictures taken in your home via email soon.
On behalf of my family I would like to thank you for the hospitality at your home. A sincerely love the siap Bandung and hopefully we can find time to visit keningau again.
For your information we failed to locate the anti gravity place along the road on the trip to KK though we did ask many people to help us locate it.
Above all thank you for blogging about our visit to your home. I am just an ordinary blogger and feel most hounoured to be so mentioned.
InsyaAllah kita akan jumpa lagi.
eedany said…
Wah...best dapat berkenal-kenalan dengan online friends...

its ok nanti pun boleh bergambar lagi...

kakak:gambor....I tak der kamera masa tue...huhuhuhuuuu...

pok zawi : insyaAllah pok zawi...owh..ni email saya... jwm_mokhsin@yahoo.com, tq!

eedany: tu la kan eedany...memang besh...hehehe, kita bila plak nak jumper? :D
sedapnyer...biler nko mentioned buah salak.
nurul: ko nak makan buah salak,mai la sini....buha salak kat sini sedap2..manis2...besau2...hehehe

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