Extreme Stupidity

I never write , mention or comment anything about politics in this country in my blog, because it makes me sick. But as I watched last night debate I could see how a minister whom I believed is highly educated can be so damn extremely stupid. He was out of topic most of the time...he wasn't answering any of the questions being asked and he definitely needed some tissue. You were wasting your time Mr. Minister and you have successfully amazed the world with your super duper stupidity. What were they thinking? May be they thought we are stupid too.


Janna, sorry... lama tak visit. Bkn aper, Adam kena HFM & took EL to take care of him.

Yessss... 100% agree with u. Not becoz I'm 1 of d opposition side, but the way he answered all q's... make me SICK! LAUGH...& AARRRGGHH.. mcm nie ker pemimpin? Bkn lwn Dato' Seri A****. heh..he..
Zawi said…
Pak Zawi kir dia OK juga. Kalau lain orang mungkin lagi teruk. Yang Pak tak suka mulut dia berbuih tu tapi tak la cukup banyak sehingga semua orang boleh nampak.
eedany said…
yup agree with you.

For me, DAS was not well-prepared.

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