Blood is thicker than water, indeed.

Cuti Tahun Baru Cina baru2 ni saya telah berpeluang untuk pulang ke Semenanjung berdua sahaja dengan Aileen. Terima kasih kepada encik suami kerana telah mengizinkan saya bersama dengan ma abah dan adik beradik saya sekejap. Mudah mudahan Allah akan melimpahkan rezeki buat Ayang...ameen.

Pada awalnya memang saya berhasrat untuk balik tapi saya pada mulanya tidak mengharap sangat...sebab yelah..tiket flight tu bukan berharga seringgit dua. Tapi Alhamdulillah...Allah telah mengizinkan saya untuk balik juga....seronok sangat2.

Tujuan asal balik tu sebenarnya nak bersama2 dengan kakak sulung saya who had been through tough time. So when we heard that she wanted to go to KL just to ease her mind and be with my two other sisters in KL so we ( me and my other siblings) thought ...why don't we get together in KL . Just to support her. Further more my sister who lives in Japan was also in town and I haven't seen her for 2 years! The last time we saw each other was during our youngest sister's wedding back in 2014.

At last we all decided to gather in KL. All of us including Ma and Abah. Except for our littlest sister couldn't make it. She's in Melbourne, Australia.

So I was the one who arrived first...on the January 27 early in the morning followed by my sister Siti from Sandakan with her baby girl Nuha in the afternoon....and the next day we went to KLIA to meet the rest of the family.. Ma and Abah together with Kak Lah and her two sons took the same flight with Ahlami  from Kota Bharu. Jie and family drove all the way from KB too despite off the flood news....Kakak , Abe Long and Ann already arrived on the 28th morning . They took the earliest flight from Singapore.

So...there we were....almost complete in KLIA. Though it was a short meeting with Ami...but it was sweet and memorable indeed. We also were joined by my two aunts and cousins. That's very sweet of them.

Kak Noor booked a homestay for all of us not very far from her house and we spent 2 nights there. We went shopping together....we dine was fun. I'm sure we had a blast even just for a short time.

I really hope that this bond will stay strong together....I love all of you so very much !


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