Balik Kampung 2016

I have to document this before it goes out dated. Hehe.

Our #balikkampung2016 was okay. We stayed in Kelantan for about 10 days and then spent another 10 days in Pulau Indah.

We didn't do much in Kota Bharu. *Sigh. But it's okay. As long as I could be with my Ma and Abah, and my siblings. I also got to meet some of my old friends from my old schools. It was fun though.

On our way back to Pulau Indah we spent a night at Ust. Raddi's crib at Tanah Merah. And then we continued our journey to Ipoh and spent another night there at Fazmi's. From Ipoh we gathered at Fazli's house in Tanjung Malim. It was fun. This could be our annual activity during school holidays.

We also didn't do much in Pulau Indah. As usual whenever I'm around I will take over the kitchen. Hehe. But I don't mind, I enjoyed it to be frank. I got to eat my favourite Naan Cheese but not Ikea Meatball or Subway.

Overall, it was just Okay. Just okay.

It's okay. There'll always be next time, insyaAllah.
 Teh Tarik session with my one and only brother & wife.

At Fazli's in Tanjung Malim, Perak.

 With Ust. Raddi and family.

Meeting my old friends from primary school.


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