Part 2: Those were the days....

As most of you know, i just obtained my driving licence when i was already 36. Unlike others who tend to enroll for driving classes as soon as they turned 17, but not for me. I only managed to do that when i already have 4 kids. At first i thought that i would never ever get the chance to drive, ever. That i would never have my own driving licence. Hehe. I did write a few posts regarding my journey of getting my drivig licence.

But at last, i made it.

Before i knew how to drive i solely depended on my husband to get to places. To the grocery store, the market, clinic, well almost everywhere.

My husband is an active person. He proactively involves in Silat, badminton and other sports. And being a teacher he seldomly needs to attend courses a few times a year. So sometimes he needs to be out of town for a couple days up to couple weeks. So whenever he's out of town he will make sure that i have everything i need before he leaves. From food to groceries, pocket money, etc. The amount depends on how long and how far he'll be away.

As for me, waiting for him to be home is something that i always looking for . Usually, on the day he comes home, minutes before he reach our house he will call me first. " Get yourself and the girls ready, i'll be there in a couple of minutes. We'll go out!" And i would jump and instantly dress the girls and and myself up , full of excitement .

From far we could already hear the sound of his car engine before we could even see the car itself! Haha. It was so loud!

I knew he was tired. I knew that all he wanted after a long trip was to lay down and have a good rest but he didn't care. Because he cared about us even more. What mattered to him was us. He knew that i needed to go out.

He would take us to the town and let the girls buy anything under 5 ringgit. Hehe. And we would stop to have a drink at the cafe. Just chilling out. And then we went home. We were so happy.

How i miss those days. It wasn't easy. But at the end of the day, we had a smile on our faces. We were happy. And that's all that matters.


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