Sayonara Ami and Is ! and Apek ??

Today we bid good bye to our sister Ami and her newlywed husband Is. They're leaving for Japan. We left house as early as 6.30 in the morning since Ami's flight to KL is at 8. I didn't even take bath. Alah...bukannyer orang tahu pon kan ? hihihi. We really appreciated every second that we had. Is used to study in Japan and soon after he graduated he decided to continue working there and it has been almost 9 years since the first time he set foot in Japan and as for Ami, being away from her husband is not an option. It's an obligation. So Japan is going to be her new home. While we were waiting for the call suddenly I saw this guy in his white t-shirt walking with his face looking down. Even though I didn't really saw his face I could tell who he is. It was Khairul Fahmi Che Mat, the national football team goalkeeper. I think everybody would because KFCM is so easy to be recognized, he looked exactly the same as you see him in tv.

My aunt Chik was brave enough to greet him and asked him if we could take a photo. So we forced Fatien to take picture with him. Hihihih...Ahnaf punya pasal. Sanggup.

To Ami ....take care yer ! Nanti kami kumpul duit byk2 wat beli tiket nak pegi Jepun...ehehehe...( dulu kata kumpul duit nak pegi Adelaide...ish2...)

To Is...welcome to our BIG family...jaga ami baik2 di sana yer....hope to see you guys again!


fatienwm said…
haha.pity me!:P.demi ahnaf :)
alaa..takpo la least ado gok gambar adik nga Apek.

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