I am a lefty.

I have been a lefty all my life.

I write , cut things, hold scissors, play guitar ( konon),playing squash, eat...ehhh? yup if I use spoon or fork, with my left hand. Well, almost everything.

I also kick with my left leg.

My left punch is stronger than my right and so does my left kick.

Being a lefty is not a bad thing. It comes naturally, through tendency and practice. It's not a curse.

I don't remember being hit by my mom for using left hand.

But I've experienced being looked down by some one when she saw me holding a knife with my left hand (of course) slicing some cucumbers. She asked me " Are you a lefty ????". She had this unbelievably look in her face. A negative unbelievably look. I just proudly nodded, and smiled. I don't blame her, she never had anybody in her family who happened to be a lefty.

As my sister used to tell me .." orang kidal la lagi bagus kalau potong buah sebab dia pegang buah dgn tangan kanan dan pegang pisau dengan tangan kiri..." .Ting ! It hit me right away. Kata kena pegang makanan dengan tangan kanan kan ? Right ?

Being a minority in the world of the righties (?) is quite challenging when almost everything in this world is created to suit the majority.
but we managed to adapt ourselves. we had no choice.

Either you're lefties or righties ( is there such thing as the word Righties ?) just be proud of yourself.

by the way....nak tanya la..can you eat kueh while you're writing ? :)

Family : me, Ahlami ( sister), Alya Fatini (niece), Yasmin Liyana (daughter),Ibrahim Mustafa (brother in-law), Adrina(cousin), Adzimah (cousin), Ayah Chik Tukang Mas, Maman (cousin) ...sapa lagi ?

Friends : Samihah, Amir Fuad, Jasri Juzaili...sapa lagi ?

p/s : I only eat ( makan dengan tangan la...), salam and main keris je with my right hand.


wanee said…
russell ricky sedomon juge!
ise3339 said…
i br je cite kt nini smlm tht u'r a lefty..n dia trkejut gila sbb dia ckp tulisan kk ja cantik sgt.,..n biasanya tulisan org lefty buruk.. huhu.. i think it's the other way around.. kan kak ja?
Adrina Adi said…

tapi i main badminton pegang raket guna tangan kanan. how meh?

Ahlami said…
Kaktie, betul tu kalu oyak tulise oghe kidal x comei, sbb ami is one of them. kakja jatuh dlm kategori oghe tulise comei kot ? hihi

I am also a proud lefty ! :)

Nabil and Muaz mcm ke arah lefty jgk rasenye ?
Effa said…
I WISHED to be lefty. org kata org lefty ni bijak orgnya :)

my dad was a lefty. menurun le kt cucunya Nana is a lefty, so proud of her. Cuma nak terapkan pada dia makan tangan kanan... sebab she tend to forget to eat with right hand.

Alia is righties :)

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