Bye 2010 Welcome 2011

yup, finally 2010 has come to its end.......

2010 has been a good year for business is growing and hopefully in 2011 it will expand more, insyaAllah.

In 2010 also we celebrated our first decade being together as husband and wife..there has been ups and downs...but over all, it was good.

I don't have any particular resolution for, actually I never had any particular resolution every year because I believe that new resolution should be made on daily basis. I just hope that I'll earn more so that I can give more , I have big dreams especially for my business and my familly. So far it's been wonderful

I wanna be a loving, understanding and more patient mother and wife....I wanna be a better daughter to my parents , a better sister to my siblings, I just wanna be a better person in whole. insyaAllah.


Adrina Adi said…
may all your dreams come true. will pray for you dear cuzzie.
deidaa said…
hahaha good k. zana.

me too.. azam sy tak kiro maso,
xkena tggu thn baru :P
kakak: thankx cuzzie, the same prayers go to you too...

dieda: yer..gitu la kae da? keno ado azam setiap hari.

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