Sebentar tadi kami baru sahaja mendapat berita bahawa nenda kesayangan suami saya telah pon selamat kembali ke rahmatullah di Hospital Tengku Ampuan ,Klang kerana sakit tua.

Mbah (which is what we call grandma in Javanese) is a very soft spoken and nice lady. She had been suffering of sakit tua for a wuite sometime. She could barely hear or see us. Whenever we came to see her we had to stay close to her so she could hear our voices and she could caress our face trying hard to identify whom is who. Mbah to my husband is like his second mother because Mbah used to take of him when he was a little kid. Everytime we came back during school holiday a visit to Mbah's house is a must and each time the two of them meet ( Mbah and my husband) they would hug and kiss eachother with tears in their eyes.

And as for me, I 'm glad that I was given the chance to take of Mbah when I was in kampung for the last couple years. Even just for a short time. I bathed her, dressed her, combed her hair and even put the diapers on her. It was a priceless memory.

To Mbah, you were such a very special person and you will always remain a special space in our hearts. We love you so very much.

Siti Alfiah
(1939- November 4, 2010)
Leaving behind 5 sons,5 daughters , a bunch of grandchildren and a bunch more of great grandchildren.


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mummyseri said…
Salam kak..
alfatihah buat arwah embah . smoga ditempatkan bersama orang2 yg beriman dan dirahmati Allah..amien..

**teringat n rindu pulak pd embah kite kt kampung..
Kak Mah said…
Al-Fatihah... salam takziah buat Mokhsin and Janna sekeluarga...
iena hamdi said…
Al Fatihah
Adrina Adi said…
al fatihah

pernah jumpa dgn arwah. peramah orangnya.

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