Confession No.1

I have a confession to make.

When I was a kid I always wanted to be a singer......No, wait. Do not laugh yet . Let me finish my sentence. I always wanted to be a jingle singer. Err....what is a jingle singer? A jingle singer is someone who sings jingles. Errr...what is jingles? Owh....jingles are songs for commercials. Alahh....lagu2 iklan tuh.....haa..THOSE are jingles.

Really. I truly really mean this. In fact, I still want to be jingle singer if I have the chance. Why do I wanna be jingle singer? Well, first thing is because I just want to sing and earn money from it but I don't wanna be a recording artist. I still can wear tudung ..and I still can sing even if I don't have pretty face. And I think being a jingle singer....I still can have a normal life. I don't have to worry about my album sales....or sign autographs....or attend award giving ceremony....walk down the red carpet.....owh..! it's just not me.

So ....if you think you're looking for a jingle singer contact me okay? I'd LOVE to sing your jingles.


Capik said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Capik said…
Bleh duet ngan Kk lah niee kk ja..cnfirm fames laa nati..hehehe
fatien adibah said…
confession no.2 kak ja?oowhoo..entry lawoks lagih.i loike!
Kak Mah said…
dapat offer nak wat jingles panggil aku sekali ek...aku pun cita2 nak jadik penyanyi gak..ahaksss
ise3339 said…
kk ja, u'll be a good jingels' singer nnti..
Capik: duet dgn kk lah?? errr i dun think so..duet dgn kakak or ahlami bulih la..or dgn abah bulih jgk..hi3
capik: aaaa...? duet nga kak

adik: yer confession no.2 akan dilancarkan bila2 saya free nanti, harap peminat2 semua bersabar.

Mah: ha..boleh2....nanti aku ajak ko skali.

t: ha...tu la kan,berduet ngan abah ker...

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