To stay at the hostel or not to stay?

If it were you which one do you prefer?

I , myself never stayed at a hostel during my school years. I went to a regular daily school which do provide hostels for students from out of town . Both with my previous secondary schools. I used to dream of going to boarding school but luckily, I was never given the chance.

I, personally do not have any plans of letting my kids to stay a school hostels. Unless if it is a boarding school, then I guess I don't have a choice. If it's just a regular school and only 10km away from the house, then there's no need for my kids to stay at the hostel.

I want my kids to be near to grow right in front of me. I want to spend as much time as I can with my kids while I can. Especially during their adolescence. And when the time has come for me to let them go....then I will. Just like my mom did. Only two of my sisters stay at hostel.. Itu pon mainly because it was boarding school...they went to MRSM, itu pon when they were already 16. So they had no choice. The rest of us, went to regular daily school.

Contrary with me, my husband spent most of his teenage years at school. At the hostel. Luckily he survived. And I really salute to those who manage to survive in the hostel..because if it was me....alahai....ok lah.tu je.


fatien adibah said…
soo right.if nak dok hostel..better time form 4 cm gtuu aa..huhu

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