Mee and Fish?

Hah,baru ada idea nak tulis apa. Ni haa...whenever I go to this stall not very far from my house apart of its famous Soto and Bakso, I suka la jugak oder benda ni.... Mee Goreng Basah with Isi Ikan (Fried Egg Noodle with fish chunks)

see the fish chunks? nyum2.

So far memang tak pernah lagi jumpe kat mana2 kedai di semenanjung. Kalu kat Sabah ni...especially Keningau..ada la a couple restoran yang jual. Kalu kat Sabah ni..if you order for Mee goreng basah ..what you'll get is mee goreng with sheer, transparent and thick sos...or kuah la. ..which normally known as Mee Ladna back in the peninsular. Usually, if I opt for mee goreng basah I would ask for the Seafood version. But kalu kat kedai Alan ni...I suker Mee goreng basah dengan isi ikan. Nyum ! Nyum! Isi ikan dia banyak....sos or kuah dia is not too thick yet not to runny. Just nice. And the isi ikan is soooooo soft. Sangat la sedap.

If you happen to be in Keningau...and always fancy Soto or Bakso you should go to this Warung Alan...I would recommend you this dish if you're not a Soto or Bakso fan. As for the kids....Soto Ayam with no veggie is has always been their first choice.


fatien adibah said…
kak jaa..napok sedap jahsss...hohoho..keno g keningau plopp tuu..hehe

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