Of Aina Rihana...

Of Aina Rihana.

When I had Aina, I didn’t know that she was coming. It was an unplanned pregnancy. I didn’t even realize that she was already resting happily in my womb. I didn’t realize because I didn’t get any signs. I was not having my menses for months since I was still breastfeeding Yasmin at that time and I also didn’t experience any morning sicknesses. The only sign that I had was my huge, big and enormous belly

Until I noticed the size of my belly was a little bit too big for a non-pregnant mom. My husband saw it too but he didn’t say anything since he also had a 5months-pregnant-look- alike- belly…….kuikuikui…jangan marah yer yang…. But I was not convinced yet because I always thought if you are really truly pregnant, you would have this instinct and a small voice kept telling you that you are pregnant, and I didn’t have that. I only believed and positively sure that I was actually pregnant when I felt this small little moves tickling the inner side of my belly. Owh….sungguh teruk kan saya? Only then I did the UPT and seeing the double lines, there was no doubt about it. I was indeed pregnant. Hmmm…..bila masa la dia melekat ? I wondered.

So I went to the clinic, was asked all the regular questions by the doctor, had my belly being scanned and voila! There was the little angle homing my womb and the doctor told me that she had been there for over 5 months! Mak aihh! I only had 4 months left to enjoy my pregnancy? I was about to enter my 3rd trimester? Eceh…rasa cepat pulak pregnant kali ni….hahahaha….. so…I WAS pregnant.

I was expecting to be delivering my baby on the 17th of November but she came a day early…..on Friday, at 5.30 a.m., November 16, 2007, on our 7th anniversary. It was an unplanned yet definitely, no doubt a special anniversary present that we could ever have. Alhamdulillah.

We named her Aina Rihana- our sweet basil baby girl….………….and she is indeed a sweet little girl.

Love you Nana.


Ahlami said…
bakpo tulise napok lain sket entry kali nih..update guno handphone ko?
iena hamdi said…
windu akak
Adrina Adi said…
nana, happy birthday.

kak ja tak cakap. at least leh belikan dia hadiah.

amie, kak ja aritu kat rumah che noh nampak laptop jap2 jeling, jap2 jeling. hehehe.. :P
amie: actually, entry ni I tulis in advance....tulih di keningau lagi..jd font dio laing sikit,heheeh...

iena: rindu akak? miss u too!

kakak: hahaha...pandai la u...ai mana ada jeling2..ai kan siap pegang apa laptop u...ekekee...
wanee said…
little nana yang sgt pelasant and easy-going.. sape sape dukung pun she'll be okay with it.. abbaa mati!

happy birthday li'l angel.. =)

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