Yup,it was my birthday.

well, yes....last August 9 was the day I turned 33.

I received loads of wishes through SMS....endless lists of wishes on Facebook...calls from my sisters and a homemade card from my lovely daughter, Sophea..who never fails to do so. :) and owh...a lunch treat from my Ayang (macam la something unusual pom,ekekek).

Thanks a lot all of you who wished.

I didn't do anything special....neither bake a cake nor prepare any special meal. Actually I did plan to but since my Ayang was away for a week....I just didn't feel like celebrating. Instead of me feeling overjoy for my so-called special day, the kids were the ones who overexcited the most. Hehehe....they kept asking me again and again about my birthday and they didn't just keeping it to themselves ...they even spread it to their friends at school and along the house estate. "Esok birthday Mak saya....." Adoii...!

But I still want to bake a durian cake. (hahaha). Been craving for the cake since the day I ate the last piece of durian cake I baked before. Ahh.....durian cake...definitely a heavenly treat !

and owh...I'd like to wish a very dear friend of mine, Tie a.k.a Comel_80 for her newborn baby boy...Muazzam Danish ( ramai betul yang letak nama Danish lately..even two of my friends pon letak nama Danish jugak!) Tahniah Tie....and welcome to the club!


sesemutku said…
hepi belated besday... =)
mummyseri said…
salam k.jana..
lama x dtg uma akak...
hepy birthday to u kak..
senyum n ceria sokmo deh:)
Emma Maria said…
happy birthday!
manlaksam said…
Selamat Hari Lahir.
Adrina Adi said…
oh dah branak ek tie.. congrats!
tima kasih sumer for the wishes.... :)

and kakak, yer..tie dah bersalin.
halen said…
happy belated bzday janna..
sory lambat wished br terbaca kt blog nih. semoga panjang umur dan terus ceria dan berbahagia selalu di samping fmly tersayang yer..

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