Angah goes to school

My second daughter Laila (Angah ) is now in her Primary 1. We send her to the same school with her sister, Sophea, SK Pasir Puteh which is only 3 minutes drive from our home. Angah has always been excited of going to the Primary and so far she's enjoying herself being at school in class 1 Kelisa . I used to worry so much on how she would adapt herself with the new situation and environment even if she had spent 2 years at kindergarten but I guess I had not to worry anymore because she's doing just fine. She easily made new friends, she can go to the toilet by herself and unlike Sophea who tends to cry over small things....Laila is not. She's more independent at school than at home ,vice versa with Sophea.

we're ready for school ! me too ( Aina,hehehe)

Starting from this year ,the Ministry of Education just introduced Mandarin Classes at selected primary schools in Malaysia and my kids' school is one of them. My husband and I agreed on sending Laila to take this class which will be held every Saturday and of course Laila also insisted of taking the class too. So she'll be learning 3 foreign languages at schools, English, Arabic and Mandarin. Hmmm......I hope she can cope with it because I know nothing about Mandarin....I can help her with English and I know some Arabic ( I went to Arabic school for 4 years while my husband studied at Sekolah Agama for 7 years!) but eldest sister, Kakak do speak some Mandarin. Owh....I forgot ! I did go to a Chinese kindergarten when I was 5...Tadika Tokono (it sounds more like Japanese la pulak kan?), hehehe.

(owh, entry saya pada kali ini sangat skima....hehehe)


ise3339 said…
angah bleh cakap cina la nanti..he3.. bagus tu blaja mandarin..pelaburan masa depan yg baik.
Adrina Adi said…
yup, i still remember kak ida used to teach me this song. ni wa wa, ni wa wa, ike ni wa wa...

halen said…
alahai.. si kecik tu pun nak pg skolah ker hehehe.
bila lg nk mai kk ni jumpa nasya??
tie n ise: hopefully gitu lah...baguh bajar byk2 bahser ni..

kakak: hehehe,nyanyi la sampai habis..

alin : hari tu masa kita pegi KK awak masih di kampung,hehehe...tgk la..nak gi gak KK tak tahu lagi bila...

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