You Make My Day..!

Yesterday I was extremely happy when I received a special gift from a special blogger friend -Eedany. When I heard the horn sound from the post van I just knew it that the special parcel from me was finally here. I was like a small kid ..overjoyed and couldn't stop smiling as my hands were trying to unwrap the box. As I opened it I could see colorful things being carefully wrapped in bubble wraps..Yasmin was anxious too to find out what was that colorful thing. Finally.....taraaaaa......FRIDGE MAGNETS ! Hehehehe..........owh..Eedany...thanks you sooooooooooooooooo very very much for the FMs....I really really truly love it ! Seriously ! Even my kids like them too since they're sooooooo damn cute ! Owh ! I still can't stop smiling ......but unfortunately, since I'm having problems with my memory card so I couldn't snap any least for now. I promise I'll snap some later,okay!

To eedany..thanks're such a nice person and I'd like to meet you in have really made my day ! :D

Pssst ! In fact, I'm going to KK this Halen' know her too right? I wish I could meet you Eedany!


Alexi said…
xeh snap???memory prob ekk

Actually,if u scan,mayb leh guna kot
Virus jah 2...hehehhe...
I think so laaa
eedany said…
I'm glad you like it!! :)

Saya pun teringin nak jumpa Zanna tapi this weekend saya pergi Kota Belud. Ada majlis perkahwinan my friend. Huhuhu...

InsyaAllah... next time boleh jumpa kan?

p/s : hihihi...dah agak budak2 mesti suka FMs colourful tu!
adrina adi said…
alaaa.. nak tengok ler.... paste ler ASAP!
ami said…
upload la kakja gmbar nye..
hehe..napo gayo nyo..
ami wt balik FM banyok2 laa ko kakja natii...heheh

syafiq: that's what I thought lah...hmmm...

eedany : yup! I LUUUUUUUUUUUUURVE it so much ....thanx a zillion...takper2...mebi next time kita leh jumper k!

kakak:yer..I pon sebenarnyer tak sabar gak nak tunjuk..hehehe

ami: yeah....the more the better ami,hehehe kalu bulih kalu ado hok pelik2..unusual and peculiar lagi bagus ami..leh kak ja wi ko Miss Eedany etek... :D ,right?
halen said…
ahaaa.. of coz we can met each other at my house dis coming sunday.. plz welcom janna & edany.. :)

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