Yesterday I received a sad dear cousin Abe Ra had passed away. I wasn't sure what was the cause of his death. Poor my auntie Cik Yah, last July she just lost her husband of 40 years- my uncle, Ayah Sid, and now her eldest son. Abe Ra is not even 40 yetbut according to my sister, Jie, Abe Ra had been complaining of severe head ache since last Raya, and he had to be warded because of that.He almost lost his life once when he was struck by high voltage electric shock at work. He burnt quite a large part of his body, inlcuding his face but he survived. He was a nice person and always in hand whenever we need his favor especially with the electric thingy. He reminded me of my late uncle, Ayah Soh...who used to do this electric wiring in our house (and other relatives)too.


Mohd Umran Wan Abdul Rashid,
had peacefully departed on 30th October 2008,
leaving behind a mother (Nariah), a wife (Wan Rohaya),5 brothers (Umar Khairi, Mohs Zafran, Umar Rahman, Umar Razim and Wan Ahma Salman) and a sister (Wan Ranazima).

Al- Fatihah.


ise3339 said…
Al Fatihah..tu la, siye ko cik yah.. "Setiap yang hidup pasti akan mati..bila, di mana dan bagaimana, hanya Allah sahaja yang tahu..."
Alfatihah buat cousin Janna tur!

muda lagi erkk? sesungguh-nya... maut tak mengira umur..

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