Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

The holy month of Ramadhan is here again and I've always loved Ramadhan. The ambiance is different and special. For the past 4 years I've been opening a stall during Ramadhan selling Ayam Perciks and some kuihs but this Ramadhan...most probably we're closing though it was fun and tiring, hehehe.

This year is the year for Laila to start her fasting lesson since she's already 6. Unlike Sophea,the first morning I woke her up for sahur was not easy...and so did the second morning.....she definitely was testing my patience, hehehe....but finally she did manage to wake up and do the sahur thing.
Training the kids to fast reminds me of when I was small and learning to fast. I started a little bit late than my kids....I guess when I was around 8.....and it definitely wasn't easy for me and I only managed to fast for 2 whole days only...hahaha. And now having kids of my own..it's my turn to train mine. Now I know exactly how was my mom feeling,had to wake up earlier than others preparing the meal ...waking up the kids and the dad....over and over. It wasn't easy to fight your sleepy eyes especially not for me.

When you're having your sahur how can you tell when it's already imsak ? I had to do the ordinary way, you know...by looking at the clock to tell the time. But back in my kampung, we don't necessarily have to do that because when it's already imsak there would be a siren being aired through out the village from the mosque. So when you hear the siren than you'll know that it's imsak and it's time for you to stop eating. I haven't find it anywhere that practised the same thing..I mean, the siren thing not even in my hubby's kampung. And I strongly believe that they have been doing this for a long long time. Well, maybe during the old days they didn't have the electric siren but they used the "beduk" instead. The siren sound is also use for a other purposes like telling time for Jumaat prayer and announcing if there's a death in the village.

So...what's for iftar today? :D


adrina adi said…
kak ja,

hi, susah nak online la skrg. takde access lagi at the moment. miss u la.

ok, take care!
ami said…
miss u jgk la kakja!
i still remember,
u said to me a couple of times..

'kakja suko lg bule poso..sbb time bukok poso tue kakja paling suko..'

i REMEMBER that!
see..how much u've been influencing me since i was young..and yes,up until now..he3

wanee said…
kak ja, in kodiang they still practice the 'beduk' thing. both for bukak puasa and imsak... ;D
ramizah said…
ramadhan al mubarak to all of you.
May all of us will grab this blessing month with a lot of ibadah.. not with making kuih :-)
kakak: tu la..I miss u too...takper,u setel la satu2 kay..penat pindah rumah ni

ami: aiseh man..did I really say that? hahaha..I tak ingat laa...u amik good influence jela yer...yg bad2 tu tolak tepi

wanee: yeker? bagus kan gitu? tader la tertanya2..dah imsak ker? dah imsak ker?

kak ngoh : tengkiu....making kuih? hehehe...
pB said…

lamo doh tok dengar siren tu ....
kak pb: laa..yoko? kapung sayo penambe tu ado lagi siren tuh....

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