Pen Pals

Do you have pen pals ? Well, I used to have a few when I was young. I had my first pen pal when I was 11, I didn't exactly remember how we got to know each other and had each other's addresses but I think she was a friend's friend or a friend's acquaintance or something like that. She lived not very from my hometown and I still remember we shared the same interest- Stamp Collecting ! We regularly wrote to each other and did some stamps exchanging. I enjoyed being her pen friend and we kept writing for a quite some time but I wasn't sure what went wrong....I think it was me....that made us stop.

My second pen pal was a Swedish girl named Monica Pahlsson (actually ada satu titik atas huruf 'a' tu) . I got her address from a service called International Youth Services. At that time it was kinda a trend to have pen pals from foreign countries especially from The States and Europe, even my elder sisters had a few of themselves too. I was so excited to have a foreign friend for the first time although my English was crap. Hehehe...but I thought it was a fun way for me to polish my English.

A Hong Kong girl named Leung May Sze was my 3rd pen pal but we didn't write to each other for long and I didn't get the chance to get to know her more.
The longest relationship I had with a pen friend was with my 4th pen pal, Nadine Nohmaier (there's a double dot on the letter 'O') a German girl whom I started writing to when I was 15. It was her who wrote to me first . We kept writing till we were both in the Uni , when I was getting married I sent her the invitation card even if I knew that she wouldn't come. But then when I started to have my first child there was no more mails coming from her. I bet she was busy with her studies and job too.
I miss writing to her and I miss reading her mails....I want to know how she is doing now, is she married...what does she do now... and if it is possible I'd like to continue the friendship. I tried googling her name once and to my luck there she was .....she is a journalist now and she just published her book whom she co-write with another German author. She finally got to do things that she has always wanted, writing , journalism and I'm really happy for her. I just still don't know how to contact her. How I wish if she's reading this now.


ami said…
i remember Nadine Nohmaier...i think u still keep her picture in your photo album..hehe..i always enjoy viewing all my sisters's photos..old skool pics are cool..tmbh2 album kakja..mostly gmbr kakja agk gile2..mcm2 aksi..zmn2 dok ganu dlu...haha..suko soghe kalu ami tgk..

tsam_ismail said…

kak janna...thnks for dropping by my blog yg x seberapa 2
pen-pals?i remember that ami once talked bout this with us..bout her sisters yg got pen pals terutamnya kak janna..hihi
syok kan ada pen-pals
saya rsa saya pnah juga berkeinginan dulu sbb rsa mcm 'cool' klu ada kwn dok oversea..ha ha ha
adrina adi said…
kak ja try facebook la. kot2 leh dpt email address dia ke, alamat dia ker.
ami: owh..u remembered ha...? eh,aksi I giler2 ko? takper,wiat until u see your photos today in the next 5 years...hehehe

tsam:I'll link u okay,so..aiseh,did she tell the good thing or the bad thing? hahaha..that time memang rasa cam cool..but look at u are in the foreign country,hehehe.

kakak: aiseh,it seems like facebook doesn't really work for me far,my search turned out zero,hehehe,I prefer using a bigger search engine..GOOGLE!and I managed to keep track a few friends...but,I'll give it try..who knows kan?tq!
NikNor said…
i had pen-pals. and my pen pal ,netta(swedish) did come to penambe during my wedding!..and she also visit rumah ayah mat on that day. Dr. Azizon yg bawak dia. Siap pakai baju kurung ( baju kurung sape ek,. dah lupa,. arfah or,..I don't know).
ise3339 said…
hebat tul kak ja n kak nor ni..he2..
tie pun pernah join international youth service nih n kak ja yg tulun tulis surat utk i...hahaha..klakar pulok rs. tp the friendship did not last..
adrina adi said…
but for me, kak ja is my best pen pal ever.

its gonna be my best sweet memoirs forever.

i love u kak ja.
wanee said…
aziz... errr azizon was my only pen pal i think... was since we no longer write to each other.. we text! hehehehe

tapi best kan that feeling when there's a mail in for you.. hehe
Nor: came all the way from Sweden? best kan?

Tie: I remember la tie..when u first got the letter from a foreign fren,but I was mistakenly read her writing and thought that she was Jewish...rupenyer it was Irish...aiyyaa...sori yer Tie.Hehehe...

Kakak: Owh..yes you are definitely no doubt my bestest pen pal ever...! We never failed to write to each other kan? Those times were soooo sweet and kalau la leh putar balik masa nie....hehehe,

and I love you too! :)

wanee: yup! I remember your letters to Aziz,I read it sumtimes and figured out how weird the two of you,hahaha,Oops! Hehehe..we (your Kakak and me) were no any different than the two of you....
NikNor said…
thanks to kak ja who brought up this topic. Semua mcm flash back pengalaman masing2 masa dolu dolu gitu..
nonie said…
nonie pun pernah gak berpenpal ni... tapi seingat nonie dalam negara jerla... hehe... tapi tingat ada sekali ni ada sorang mamat hantar surat kat nonie, nak jadik penpal... tapi nonie pun tak sempat dpt surat tu... mak kata abah dah koyak sbb surat tu cam suspicious je rupanya... heheh biasala bapak2 ni masa kita zaman mude2 dulu kenkadang over protective sket...

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