Farewell Saat, Ketika & Masa

Remember my father's beloved pet ,Saat (and family) ? My father had sold them . All of them. Huhuhuhu....why? Well, last week (or was it 2 weeks ago?)....my father broke his right arm. He was trying to get this coconut with his new galah and suddenly this coconut fell directly on his right arm and crack! not the coconut, but Abah's arm. Owh....poor Abah....I just can't imagine how painfull it was. Luckily we have my sister Jie, so Abah no need to go through all the procedures just to have his arm being x-rayed. And the result...yes...there was a crack and Abah was given an immediate treatment by an orthopedic. Eh...yeker? pepandai jer aku nih.

Since Abah's arm is injured and he was advised not to do any heavy work within a month or two so it's kinda hard for him to handle Saat , Ketika and Masa to search and prepare their food, prepare their suppliments (yes, Saat and family do get their own suppliments !), clean the goats' house and all the daily chores. Furthermore, Saat is one big, strong and grumpy goat who had broken his house for thousands of time....well, not really thousands but sooooo many times and you really need a lot of strength and guts to handle him. And Saat only listened to Abah and Abah being one- handed......it's just not safe. So Abah thought that it is time for Saat and family to live with a new master which I believe the decision was made after Abah had A LOT of thinking.

Abah loves Saat very much and everybody knows that....owh..and Aniq too. Aniq is my nephew. Well, we all do. Saat is just like a member of our family. We don't call him kambing....we call him by his name - Saat. When the guy who bought Saat came to take him away....Aniq was sound asleep. So he didn't see Saat go.

Abah sold Saat and family for a quite some of money.....5 figure for three goats......besides they are all from the best breed and definitely no doubt were well taken care. We're surely gonna miss you Saat....Ketika and cute, little 5months - young Masa who is not so little actually......bye !


imalha said…
aloh laa..
xdop doh laa saat ketika masa..
tp gak..jolo jug0p..siye ko abah.abah soghe2 jah hok nok keno jago tu gakss...hmm..kasi abah berehat la plop...

ise3339 said…
ari tu ma, abah n kak lah gi kenduri kt umah tuan baru saat,kak lah bgtau saat kena denda sebab dh tanduk dinding kandang smpai patah, jd kena letak kt luar..sian saat. tuan baru saat pun tunjuk lebam2 kt betis die sbb kena tanduk dgn saat..he2
amie: tu lah...kosong doh la Istana Saat tu.

tie: hahaha...naka plok saat keno denda, misti dale hati saat dok kato "huh,tuae lamo aku tok rajin dendo pong aku...huhuhuhu", tp baguh jugok...deber etek Saat nih.....dio tahu oghe saye ko dio...

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