Tonight I'm very proud of myself because despite of all the mess the kids did...after all the baby crying...the bigger kids fighting....I'm still sane. Hehehe.

After Maghrib as usual I would prepare the kids dinner. Laila ordered for Chapattis , Sophea wanted to have rice and Yasmin? She just ate whatever her sisters were having . So there I was in the kitchen preparing their meal. While I was rolling flat the chapatti dough I remembered that I haven't yet fed Aina but luckily for me she was just happy rolling herself here and there. So, takpelah.....I can deal with her once I've finished with the chapattis. The meal was ready and so did the kids by the table but Yasmin refused to sit in her highchair so I just let her sit on the regular chair instead, along with her elder sisters. They enjoyed their meal very much in fact Sophea also had some chapattis once she had finished her rice and Chicken Kurma. Since it was already time for Isyak prayer so I decided to pray first. After Isyak prayer I prepared Aina's bubur and by this time the elder kids were already done with their meal. I took Yasmin to wash her hands and let her play with Sophea and Laila.

I put Aina in the car seat (yup,u read it right. I feed her in the car seat...hehehe) and start feeding her. Then the phone rang and Sophea willingly offered her self to answer it and it was my sister, Siti. I left Aina for the phone and it wasn't long when I heard Sophea screaming...." Mak! Kecemasan! Kecemasan ! " tv pendidikan la plak....hehehe . I hung up and all that I could see that Laila was already wiping clean Aina's mouth...."Yasmin suapkan bubur Aina..." she explained. "Nin buat macam mana?" I asked. "Nin amik sudu ...amik bubur, suap kat Aina,amik bubur suap kat Aina...laju2, sampai meleleh kat mulut Aina" adoi.....what a noble thing for Yasmin to do...helping me to feed her 7 months young sister. I just laughed. Even Aina was smiling with joy.....well, what does she know.

By 9 o'clock Sophea asked for bubur kacang hijau bubur kacang hijau it is. A bowl for Sophea...a bowl for Angah and a small bowl for Yasmin. I just left them for a few seconds and went into the kitchen to prepare my dinner since I haven't eaten any then I heard a sound, klung! klang! and when I looked all that I could see was bubur kacang hijau was everywhere on the floor ....adoi........and to add a special effect Aina was crying so loud ! Instantly I had this some kind of headache . I quickly clean all the mess , had Yasmin cleaned (again).... not to mention before that Yasmin just wet her pantie.....(well, I thought that it's time to do some toilet training). Ordered the girls to empty their urine bladder and ready for bedtime. I quickly had Aina and Yasmin's diapers changed put on their pyjamas and off into the bedroom. Oops! Yasmin's milk! Adoi....I had to left Aina in the room crying and prepared Yasmin's milk as quickly as I could. I was so damn stressed that I had to handle this all by myself that I almost cried (not that I'm not used to ).I was about to reach the peak of my patience ! And after that all I could remember that I was on the bed breastfeeding Aina . Owhh.....what a beautiful evening I had with the kids. *sigh*.

Now the kids are sound asleep and I'm exhausted. I just need a break (too). I need to go out. Not that I want to shop or go for makan2 or anything....may be to the playground..the kids can enjoy themselves and I could get some fresh air. I'm just so damn tired that I'm so stressed out. Luckily.... I'm still sane.


nonie said…
alalala siannya kak janna.... baca pun letih.. .tapi inila cabarannya seorang ibu kan... pretty sure all mommies out there will have this feeling once in a while... just hoping that the other half will understand us better... they may, they may not... hmmmm
adrina adi said…
kak ja,

sian u. tapi tu la kan, dalam stressed2 pun, kerja tetap jalan. at the end, hilang rasa penat tu. tapi, we need a break too rite?

takde pe spa area tu? poie la skali skala.. hehe
Janna, jgn stressed sgt yea! fikir kebaikan atas setiap kesusahan...

well, ur tak nafikan mmg penat menjaga kids especially yg ada more than 2. Nur sendiri rase diffirent sgt sejak ada Adam nie! bkn sbb Adam nie lasak sgt... nop! just that... Nur takde masa nak kemas rumah & lipat kain & mop lantai. kekdg tur... yg jadi mangsa is ayah 3A!

sabar yea Janna... bygkan kalau Allah `tarik' kesemua nikmat yg dianugerahkan pd kita nie... Nauzubillah!
alamak Janna... byk noo spelling mistake, sorry yea?
NikNor said…
I need a break too!,.. teringin nak p sabah visit kak jana and family,.. huhu,.. angan angan dulu,..
thanx guys for all the motivational thoughts..I really appreciate it...biasa la kan,sekali sekala ada masa kita leh handle...ada masa2 tu kita rasa stress sgt and unbearable sesangat...this is how I deal with it by pouring it out in my blog, although it's not much but it does ease a little....and knowing that I still have people who still care about me like all of's really inspiring.

to most welocme to my house...mari la ngan Husna..kak jana tok tgk lagi husna in person,tgk gambar jah baru...hehehe...
wow..u nie mmg superwoman ler. Mmg tabik toing..toing kat u.
Why not..u suh Mr Mokhsin buy a spa treament utk u ker..kan besh cenggitu. Then let him handle yr doters...amacam besh tak??? said…
hi janna,
i baru anak satu pun kepenatan bagai nak rak. adam silap sikit, mulalah rasa nak mengamuk je. tak masuk lagi kalo dia buat kerenah. rasa nak lesing je. nasib baik ayah dia ada jadik punching bag. mmm.. kesian jugak jadik ayah ni eh? anyways, you stay strong & tough!
Nurul: superwoman? hai...kalau I ni super woman takkan la I complaint? hihihi...memang nak wat jugak spa treatment ker or at least wat pedicure ker...cumer masa tak mengizinkan je lagi....wah macam org bz jer,hehehe tengkiu suannnena...bila nak bagi adam adik nyer? boleh la dia wat kawan...hehehe...wah,soklan cepu mas nih
wanee said…
salam kak ja, personally i think MOMS need breaks (loads of them if they can help it) the most. but anyhow i'm impressed that apart with all the chaos, like u said, u're still sane.. imagine our moms with 6 and 10 children..

anyways, salute!! my love to the girls.. *huGs*

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