A wish and a trip.

Before I proceed with this entry I'd like to wish a very Happy Teacher's Day to all the teachers in this world..despite of all the reason why you've become one. Hehehe....I've been around teachers all my life. My father was a teacher....my sisters and brother are teachers....and my husband is also a teacher. My cousins..my uncles...aunties....tu toksah citer lah. Hehehe.....I also would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to my eldest sister, Kakak...for her 41st birthday. Muda lagi baaa.......

Last Saturday we went to Sandakan to visit my sister Siti and her husband Hisyam. It was a last minute plan...well...that's my husband.... spontaneous. The journey was good despite of the road conditions and Laila being vomited for a few times,finally we safely arrived at Siti's place.

we were greeted by these sky scraping trees...

The next day we went to see the Orang Utans at Sepilok. It was a wonderful experience both for me and the kids. Seeing Orang Utans for real! Orang Utans are so much different than monkeys. They seemed more disciplined and smart. Hehehe.....they waited for their breakfast patiently on a station up on a tree for the care taker to show up with a couple of buckets full of bananas and sticks of sugar canes . The elder orang utans would only take a few bananas just enough for himself alone and went to a corner to enjoy it while the little ones do act like a small kids, fighting over bananas among each other and being greedy. With a couple of bananas in one hand and a couple more in the other. So cute. We , the homo sapiens were so amazed to see such primates whom share almost 99% the same DNA with us. If any of you are thinking of seeing orang utans, Sepilok is definitely the best and the right place. Why? It is because what you'll see is actually how orang utans really live in their natural habitat. They are not kept in cage like any other animals that you can find in zoos...we should be proud to have such a treasure like orang utans and still have the opportunity to see it for real and if the tourists would come all the way from their country just to see the orang utans why don't we? The entrance fee is only RM5 tau! but what you get worths more than that.

breakfast is here! see that monkey under the platform? that's one of the culprits, trying to steal someone else's meal, hehehe

I love to watch them do the acrobat movements hanging on a steel rope with one hand or one foot and eating at the same time. No wonder why it is considered that their feet is another pair of their hands. Because it works as skillful as the hands. Some of the younger orang utans love to show off especially when they know that we were taking their pictures. They would easily give us different pose from different angles while the elder ones couldn't even bother of the flash light and some were shy too...just like us......hiding behind a tree.

After a visit to Sepilok we went to see the crocodiles at a crocodile farm not very far from Siti's house. There were lots lots lots of crocks! Big crocks..small crocks..all one big "happy" family. Hehehe....we had to walk on this so called small bridge which was only 2 meters high ( actually I'm not really good in estimating length ) and we could see crocks were everywhere under us. Oh my god.....I was so damn thrilled ! Shortly after we arrived the crocodile show started but this one big black crock was not in the mood for any shows ( I assumed that the crock were a HE...) . After several attempts of getting him out of the water the crocodile man surrender and the show was over before it could ever start. Hehehe.....tak pelah. Nanti crock tu mengamuk tak pepasal plak ada show yang tak sanggup di lihat plak kang.

Despite of the heavy rain we did enjoy ourselves seeing the crocks and the arapaima gigas. It was yet another wonderful experience.

We left Sandakan on Monday morning at 9 o'clock sharp. We stopped at Ranau for lunch and stopped again at KK to buy some pizzas for dinner and semayang skali. This time Laila slept like a baby after a dose of ubat tahan muntah. Hahaha.....obviously we do need to keep a bottle of that promethazine in our shelf.

To Siti and Hisyam...thank you so much for having us...we enjoyed it very much and we'd like to come again.


imalha said…
sedap nye berjalan2..
part yg tgk crocs tuh paling BEST rase...ekekeke...
pictures nyer mane?
Anonymous said…
patutlaaaaa senyap jee kakak aku sorang ni....
Zawi said…
Pakcik dan anak-anak bercadang nak ke Sabah cuti sekolah ni. Malangnya kerana kos yang banyak ianya terpaksa di ubah ke Pulau Redang. Teingin sekali nak ke Sepilok. Mungkin lain kali Pak Zawi akan kesana bersama Azini dan Lokman.
wanee said…
pictures kak ja??? glad that you had such lovely time... ;D
wanee said…
pictures kak ja??? glad that you had such lovely time... ;D
update dulu...pics later..hehehetp byk sungguh la amie crock...takut..tp nok tengok,hihihi...niti atah jambatan tu sero seriau jah..takut kalu2 rutuh lagu mano laa...boyo dok tunggu bowoh doh tue....

hehehe...dah lama tak bercuti2 mesia ni norf..sebelum ni asik kena postpone jer,sampai tak jadi,hihihi.

pok zawi :
mari la jale Saboh pok zawi...tp meme beh la gi Sepilok...tok supo gi zoo...sayo gi juppo doh azini...dah laga2 pipi dah...hehehe.

ni bakpo double posting nie? hehehe...yes, we really enjoyed it very much,and nok pegi lagi lenkali...insyaAllah...

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