New Look

Yup...I'm getting my blog a new look. A new template to be exact. Since almost everyone has changed their template so I thought why don't I get one too. I've been surfing for free templates from one web to another searching for the right one that suits me and finally I chose this one. So what do you think ? Boleh la kan...

Today we went for paint hunting. Hahaha..I think hunting sounds too much because we only went to this one shop and that was it. We got the paint we want. Not only my blog got a new look I'm even thinking of getting my room a new look too. I want to paint it RED. Yes...RED ! But of course my Ayang thought that RED is too heavy for him so finally we agreed on violet..or is it maroon ? Aah...mana2 lah .

Here's some pics of the kids.


Anonymous said…
tangan gatal,
blog jd cantik tak per
ni tangan gatal,
blog dah .. UWAAAAAAAA!!
dah la tak de masa nak mgodek lakkk

cantik blog akak!!!
imalha said…
hehehe....suke mak ude tgk anin
pkai baju mak ude beli tuee.
wee3x!! hehe..
ewah2.garang nye you..
nk kale merah tuee....hehehe..

hahaha...takper norf..leh ejas lagi baa...nanti ejals lelawa yer...anyway..tq norf ! Norf la antara sumber inspirasi akak utk tukar2 template nih...hehehe

hehehe,Nin kalu pakai t-shirt mak ude wi tu misti nok paka nga jeans,"jin nin ane mak...?"
aisyahwm said…
wahh..besar doh yasmin, rambut pjg doh. aina pun makin bulat..bile nin and aina nak dtg melawat che' tie ni..:)

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