Hehehe...tajuk kat atas tader kena mengena ngan apa2 it's just that I'm kinda lazy to update my blog, lots of idea but lack of inspiration. I slept late last night (or should I say morning?). I had a loooooooooong chat with my dearest cousin. We talked about life, how much we've grown how much we've shared things together, how much secrets we've kept between each other.
When I was a kid I couldn't wait to grow up because as grown ups I could do things that I wanted to do, I wouldn't be scolded by other grown ups, I could go anywhere I liked and anywhere I wished, I could have my own job (at least I had a dream of getting myself a firm job), earn my own money , and I could whatever and however I wanted with it ! That was what I thought when I was still a little kid.

And now when I'm finally a grown up myself ...how I wished a was small kid again. Huhuhuhu....small kids no need to bother about paying the bills, fixing the lamp or the fan...or the car...all small kids do is play and go to school,what's so hard of going to school? small kids' small heart do get hurt too, but they easily forget and start playing again.....small kids don't have to give a damn what other people say, small kids just do what small kids usually do....the rest,let the grown ups do the thinking, hehehe.


Anonymous said…
See Please Here
pB said…

rasernyer semuo orghe rindu zamae kechik kechik dulu


tak dok nok pikir pasal pitih , pasal stress , pasal doso , pasal pahalo , pasal mati ....
kak Pb:

tu la deh...rindu maso skoloh...beh nyo gi skoloh deh...

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