Aina nak balik kampung...!

Today, Aina turned 8...8 days....hehehe....and tali pusat Aina pon dah tanggal yesterday. We're also glad to inform that we're going back to kampung this 29th November, finally. After doing a lot of thinking and calculation we decided to change our flight ticket for the sake of Aina and me, of course. Though we had to spend another RM1000 ++ for the tickets (one way tu....! For average people like us...that RM1k is A LOT) but...takpelah, nak balik kampung punyer pasal. Owh...that is not yet included tickets to and fro KB.....arrgghhh! We'll settle that tickets later.

Aina has been feeding well... Mak's milk of course (tiada kompromi...hehehe) , she doesn't even had jaundice, thank god. Actually, when she was 4 days young we took her to the clinic to have her blood tested for jaundice and fortunately she was free of it. She's been behaving very good...she only cries when she's hungry or when her diaper is overload, so Mak's routine (blogging and forums ) is not interrupted.....hehehe. Perut kembung? adala jugak sikit2.....walaupun tak pakai barut perut pong. Actually, all my kids tak pakai pon this so-called barut perut which I'm not sure what is the purpose and benefits of wearing it. Except for Sophea....she was the only one who ever wore barut perut...tu pon only after a month......hehehe, since my MIL insisted of her wearing pakai jelah.

My Ayang? He handles the house very well....he does the laundry....the dishes...prepares meals for all of us ,which mostly he buys....hehehe and serves drinks for the guests, entertaining the kids..especially Yasmin, sometimes I do feel bad that he had to do all the house chores and almost everything but I guess.....this is the time for me to relax...hehehe . Thank You Ayang for taking care of me....I love you so much!

Thinking of balik kampung, I'm really looking forward to it...after years of not being able to gather all the 10 siblings since most of my siblings are scattering all over Malaysia, Singapore and down under, this Eidul Adha is our chance....all the 10 of us. Waaa....Syioknyer! Even Ahlami will be back. Our main plan : Photo sessions for the whole family......the last time we had our photos taken were back in Dec, 2001. And since our family has grown a lot with new family members we thought this Eidul Adha is the perfect time. OOooo....I just can't wait!


imalha said…
cewaahh...baik betul aina nie..xbyk meragam..mak pon..ape lg..berinternet lah keje..wahh..tabik spring ah ko abe mohsin..bleh wak blako kijo2 umoh..biso2..
well..i cant wait too kakja!
finally..we're gonna gather
all the 10 siblings..and the photo session! that's the most interesting part i reckon..huhu..
balik nie pon..tjuk skil ckp aussie accent sket ko kakja..kakja kan master bab2 tiru accent org niee..haha..

sitilina said…
behnyoo balik kapom!

baguhnyo aina. afiy walopom duk paka barut perut setiak maso, perut kembung sokmo2.
sofea^alisa said…
wahhh bestnyer...Aina x meragam. Tabik toing..toing kat Aina. Cam maner Yasmin...dia jaleous tak...dpt adik baru?...
Eh...nanti dtg KL tak? kut..kut nko dtg ke rumah Ed...pls let me know 'k. said…
hi kak janna,

thanks for dropping by & congratulations for the new family member! bestnye dapat baby lagi.. bila la kita nak dapat baby lagi ni... hope for another boy. hehehe..

take care ye!

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