Hehehe....jadik jugak.

Nyum nyum.....

These are my project for tonight. Presenting......my homemade pineapple tart..! Actually, I'm not so into baking cookies. Baking cakes...preparing dishes like curry...gulai....all kinds of nasi and lauk pauk is fine with me, but cookies...is not one of my enthusiasts, just like my mom. I don't know why but most probably because baking cookies demands a lot of time and patience. So every time Hari Raya I buy most of the raya cookies. Much2 convenient for someone like me. But this year....I managed to bake my own cookies instead of buying it! So far I've prepared two kinds of cookies - Biskut Suji and Pineapple Tart, both are our favourite ! Tahun ni tahun rajin buat biskut.....and it is also my first time baking those cookies....I mean those two kinds of cookies. So since I'm in the "rajin" mood, I'm thinking of baking my own Almond London......I just need to buy some almonds and chocolate. That's all.....

Ni biskut suji...senang je buat, and bahan2 pon sikit jer...


imalha said…
kakja...bagi la resipi biskut suji tue...klu biskut tart tuhh..complicated sket..teringin nk wt..tp assignment byk..huhu..
last2 biskut cornflakes yg mudah tu jugak aku buat rasenye...heh3


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