This is the worst weekend I've ever had and most probably the worst day of the week! It's Saturday and there's no water supply, no electricity, no car and even worse....no husband! What could be worst than that?

First it was the car. It broke down when we were about to go home after a picnic at Pamilan last Sunday. Its turbo engine was running fiercely but we couldn't get the gear in ! The only solution we had was to leave the car there and come back for it later while the 5 of us ( me, my Ayang, Sophea, Laila and Yasmin) had to squeezed ourselves into Fazmi's car. So how's the car now? I have no idea....but it's still in the workshop being fixed. Though I can't wait t be out again....fooling around but I tend not to ask my Ayang when can we have the car back. Sooner or later it'll be home....I just need to wait and be patient.....yup....patient...and a lot of it!

Second it was the water. It went off since yesterday but even without the water pouring out the kitchen tap I still managed to cook Nasi Himpit and Kuah Kacang. Lama dah tak makan.....at first I thought of having some satay too to complete the set but on second thoughts......tak payahlah! I had to do all dishes outside....just like the old days (which I never actually had...hahaha) but despite of all that I kept myself positive...tomorow morning I'll have running water back again....but guess what, it didn't. AAArrgghhh! And to make things even worse the electricity went off! Oh ! My god...! And it wasn't even 9 o'clock yet! This is really testing me....ini sudah lebih....So anak2...jangan buat hal yer....or I might get explode...hehehe.

And to add some "special effects" to my already not-so-interesting day, my Ayang had a badminton match today (and tomorrow too maybe...)...for the whole day. Aduilaa........ so he's gone. I tried to be as supportive as I could, but I believe that he knows , I'd prefer him to spend his time with me and the kids especially on weekends rather than being at the badminton court. :( . But since the car is gone too.....I guess it's better for him to be at the court......Good Luck Ayang....but I just hate being left home so often........it's not fun at all :( .


ala ayang....i love u la
imalha said…
aik? komen diri sndiri..
heh3...kalu dumoh penambe..
tkdop air gak..keno g
kagha air telago...heh3..
sy ingat lg la sket2...

ami: itu bukan sayer laa..tu cik abe sayer la tue...
nonie said…
alalal siannya auntie janna... takpe sabar, dugaan tu...
nonie: tu la....dugaan..baru sehari kena gitu dah nak marah2...hihihi

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