It wasn't even past 12 in the afternoon yet but I've already feeling restless. Nothing extraordinary just doing house chores as usual but the tiredness seems unusual. Hehehe...My Ayang is not home again, he's in Kudat for a badminton tournament.....arrgghh.....boring.....the school break has come to the end and during the whole break...we didn't go anywhere.....balik2 pusing Keningau sajer.....I noticed almost all of my neighbours aren't home. 3 doors to the left.....another 3 up front. Cuti- cuti Malaysia.....Good for them. Ingatkan cuti skolah ni boleh la gi KK...but unfortunately tak jadik...I lost count how many times we had to cancel our trip to KK. Malas dah .... :(

The water supply is off today, again (lately, kerap betul tader air on weekends !) . So I decided to prepare burgers for lunch today. Much easier and convinient. If only we had Pizza Hut Delivery here in would be much2 better. Hehehehe....Yesterday I tried a new recipe - Ayam Masak Serai. Sedap! Even the kids enjoyed it. But sorry, no photos. more thing, this morning Sophea woke me up with a relieving news . Her tooth is off the gum! "Mak....gigi kakak dah tercabut, kakak cabut sendiri..."she told me while holding her small tooth in her hands, showing it to me. Smiling. I tried hard to open my eyes and finally saw the tooth..."Oo....baguslaa....pegi simpan gigi tu, nanti leh tunjuk kat Ayah.." I checked her gum, it was slightly bleeding and I checked the other tooth, it was still there, unstable. That tooth will be gone too. And then I went back to my sleep. ZZZzzzzzzzzz........ :)


sitilina said…
besar dos anok kak ja dis. luruh abih doh gigi susu :)
sitilina said…
kak ja. i put ur link in my blog :)
sitilina problemo! I pon nak letak ur link lah...

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