It's triplet!

Really it's triplets.....! But of course it's not me, but the cat that just gave birth under Laila's bed yesterday. I've been watching this cat wandering around my house....she came in and I took her out...but then she came in again and it went over and over again so I thought that she must had been in labour....hehehe....(cam serius jer labour...) I prepared her a box outside the house....."this is your can stay here with your kids..okay..", assuming that the cat would understand me. But as I thought...she seemed didn't like the box or most probably she didn't understand what I was saying , hahaha. Until last nite when I was talking to my girls I heard a soft crying sound....coming out of nowhere but I recognized the sound. It was the sound of newborn kitten. Oh no! The cat had delivered her babies....I searched here and there....and then suddenly Laila told me that there was a cat under her bed....

"Bawah katil Angah ada kucing...."...selamber I went straight into the girls room and looked under Laila's there she a box...the cat I mean. I didn't do anything, I just let her stay there.....biarlah...but when my Ayang came back, he asked me to prepared another box...a better place for the cat her cute little kittens......and we put it just out side the main door....the cat and its kittens seemed like was warm and comfy. Good fo them, but I'm not planning of keeping the cats.....I just don't enjoy having cats in the house. A long as there're outside, it's fine with me. This is just temporary....until the kittens are big enough to live on their own.


imalha said…
tekjut dohh.
ingat ko kembar 3 sunggoh
kakja ngandung...
kalu kembar 3, masuk paper
la kakja beranok nati..

ami : kuang3.....waaa..ada gak yg tertipu...hahahaha...

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